5 things we are currently in love with No.1

As the dark nights draw in, the leaves begin to fall and we brace ourselves for the trick or treaters, the team have put together our next edition of ‘five things our studio are currently in love with’.

No.1 – Game of Thrones Series 7

It’s amazing that the show stays so good! Brilliant acting and the quality of the sets and graphics is top-notch. Season 7 has moved with serious energy and purpose, each episode bringing us closer to the edge of our seats. Finally, all that has been building up in the first 6 seasons is happening.
John has bent the knee to Daenery’s, the Night King has revived her dragon Viserion and taken down the wall, Little Finger is dead, and all of our favourite enemies are banding together as a more urgent threat marches south with ten thousand dead men, giants and a dragon! We can’t wait for season 8.

No.2 – iPhone X

Apple’s new iPhone X, with its spanking new edge-to-edge OLED display, is without a doubt going to rattle the smartphone market place in unforeseen ways. We have mixed opinions over at Bubble HQ, some of our die hard Apple fans think its too expensive where as some think its going to change the smartphone market forever as other manufacturers will do what’s required to ‘raise the bar’ on Apple, one things for sure, at £1000+ per device its not a phone you’d be too happy about leaving down the pub after a few sherbets with your mates. Some of our team are android lovers and really don’t see what all the fuss is about, so here’s a couple of things that our Apple fans had to say…
“The single biggest feature is the edge to edge OLED screen, reports from people that have held the device say it is the most stunning smartphone screen they have ever seen. Other manufacturers such as Samsung with its Galaxy S8 were one of the first to market with the edge to edge screen but this hasn’t deterred Apple.”
“The larger 5.8 inch screen means you get more screen in a smaller product, if we compare this with the iPhone 8 plus and measure both screens diagonally, the iPhone 8 comes in at 5.65 inches versus the X’s 5.8 inch screen, in addition, the resolution on the X is better than the 8 plus which comes in lower at 1920 x 1080px.”
“Face ID – could this be the future? There’s been some discussion in the studio about the security of Face ID and just how secure is it going to be, some saying if its not broke don’t fix it, the fingerprint ID works a treat so why change this? If Apple nail this theres no doubt this will be the future of the smartphone market, we’re absolutely positive that other leading manufacturers such as Samsung won’t be too far behind when developing their next smartphone devices.”
“The iPhone X’s ability to map your face, identify it, and use that information intelligently is sooooo exciting, whilst we don’t know how well or smooth this will work, there is one thing that we know for sure about the iPhone X, without holding one or even seeing one, we know that it’s expensive – really expensive!”

No.3 – Sonos

The first thing that made us fall in love with Sonos was how simple the set up was, the Sonos Controller app (available for IOS and Android) takes you through the set up process in a couple of simple steps with some really cool graphics on screen, its as simple as entering your wifi code then searching for your Sonos speaker(s) on your network. Once connected you simply use the app to connect to the speaker you wish to use and…. hey presto… a wireless home sound system.
Adding additional speakers is a doddle too: fire up the app and click ‘add a new speaker’, hit the ’sync’ button on the back of the speaker and that’s it!!. It’s still the easiest multi-room set-up on the market.
The Sonos Controller app is a huge part of the system’s function, the new release for IOS 11 is the first major redesign the app has seen in some years and it really is beautiful, the developers have done a great job, placing the items we use the most right where you would expect them to be. As well as breezing you through the set-up, the app is where you can access all of your music and control all of the Sonos speakers on your network.
We love Spotify and Apple Music, Sonos offer both of these services through the ‘music services’ section within the app, that said, the free accounts don’t work with Sonos you have to have a paid account, adding them is really simple and once added, they pull in all of your existing ‘recent music’ and ‘playlists’ collated from your other devices. Sonos isn’t limited to Apple Music or Spotify it has a huge selection of alternative streaming services – in-fact its a pretty comprehensive list.

No.4 – Sky Sports Rebrand


Sky Sports is expanding its offering to customers and has recently revealed its biggest branding change since its launch 26 years ago.

Sky Sports is growing its service to include 10 sports channels, including dedicated channels for the Premier League, football, cricket, golf and F1).

The new logo is more refined, it sees the uppercase font from the previous branding swapped out for a simpler, lowercase one.
The identity for each channel is now new, although they have been based on the overall brand guidelines each with a tweak in typography, tone-of-voice, sound design, hero photography and set design.
Each of the channels are allowed the freedom to “work outside of the guidelines” to express their unique personalities, such as “raw and technical” for F1, “focus and precision” for golf and “atmospheric and iconic” for Premier League.
The new identity has now rolled out across all areas of the channel.

No.5 – Fifa 18


So, we’ve only had our hands on it for the last 24 hours and we all love it – here’s some of the new stuff we really love and what makes it different to Fifa 17.


The first thing we love is the atmosphere inside the game – we love the crowds, the stadiums, the overhead shots of the stadiums, the new lighting within the grounds, the detail that the developers have gone to in this game is simply epic, they’ve really tried to capture the feel of the game and make it as close to the beautiful game as possible.
The second thing we love are the new Player Celebrations – following a screamer into the top left hand corner, players can now run into the crowd and celebrate with their fans, the newest celebration that we love the most has to be the Mannequin Challenge, following a swaz tekkers into the bottom left corner players can pair up and ‘freeze’ like mannequins – simply genius, we also love the Gladiator Mask Celebration from Dybala who plays for Juventus, if you’re struggling to get him to perform give it a go with Higuain.
Finally, we love the new mini games meaning less boredom when waiting for the main game to load. This year FIFA have gone to town and developed some real crackers such as running with the ball over markers and collecting coins to then reveal the goal, we also love the 2 player integration, previous FIFA games used to be single player only so it was guaranteed one of you was going to be bored whilst the game was loading, not any more 🙂
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