Are you ready to take your business online?

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Tyler McCrae
Are you ready to take your business online?

Are you ready to take your business online?

We’ve got your back.

Here at Bubble we believe a great website starts with a strong plan, but how do we get there? These three questions will help you on your way to discovering what the needs of your website will be.

What is the purpose of your website?

The first question we always ask is why you feel you need a website. Maybe the business is expanding, or your current site is feeling a little outdated. Once you discover why you’re considering a change, you can start to think about what you would like to gain from a new site. Are there any specific functionalities you would need, for example the ability to book events or buy products?

Who is the website for?

This question is all about your target audience. Who will be using your website the most? What would they like to see from the website? Thinking from a customers point of view will help you begin to think about the type of content you would like to feature on your website.

If it’s a redesign you’re after, looking at your current most viewed pages and the time spent on each will help you determine what content your customers love the most! (We can help with this!)

How will you stand out?

As of the 21st of March, there are 1.93 billion websites online. We know, there’s a lot! Thinking about how your website will stand out is key to challenging your competitors. Do you want a distinct look to the site? Do you have a unique selling point? What tone of voice would you like to use? All of these points will help you create the perfect mix of individuality.

Now we move onto the build (and where we come in).

Considering the questions above will provide a great basis for a website plan, however building the website itself can be a lengthy and technical process. Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Our expert team have over 2 decades worth of experience (and tonnes of 5* reviews) in designing and building websites, get in touch to find out how we can work together!

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