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We understand the importance of brochure design and presentation, and work with you at every stage to ensure the finished product is flawless.

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of tourists like to pick up brochures


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about new businesses


of people buy products once
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Brochure design that will keep your brochure out of the bin

Here at Bubble we understand the importance of brochure design and presentation, and work with you at every stage to ensure the finished product is flawless. Our design to print team have years of experience producing fresh, original looks that will compel your audience to browse your brochure that results in a call to action that will not include putting it in the recycling bin!

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Brochure design that leaves a lasting impression

Much of the legwork of company brochure design takes place before the drawing board! In order to make the most positive, long-lasting impact through brochure design; Bubble will discuss the following pre-design considerations:-
• Identifying your brand personality
• Appraising the aim of the brochure in your business; e.g. are you reaching a local audience or one that lies further afield? Are you wishing to increase traffic to a premises or online website?
• Are you encouraging sign-up to a service or selling a product?
• Using analytics and marketing strategies to define your target audience. What type of information do you want them to know? What kind of copy will they expect – humorous? Professional? Corporate?
• Determining your budget – we work transparently to prevent any costing surprises!

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Whatever your brochure requirements, we can help

Whether you want to simply make an announcement, keep clients informed, attract new business, increase sales or renew your brand; our brochure design team are here to support our clients every step of the way to a more successful business. Bubble have years of experience producing all these different kinds of brochures (as well as a few more!) and we aim to design the most effective branded material to not only hook your audience but keep them hooked!

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    Although a lot of information is presented online, there is still the need for printed brochures that showcase your business. Whether you are presenting a property, driving footfall traffic to a new restaurant or simply want to get your business known locally, a brochure is still a powerful and effective, tactile marketing tool to engage and educate a target audience.

    For your brochure to be a success however, the design and presentation needs to be on point. Spelling- mistakes, print running off the page or a design that is not cohesive with the message and aims of your business will drive away prospective clients who will surmise that a lack of attention to detail in your brochure naturally extends to the running of your business. A costly mistake to make!

    We take the time to understand your brand, personality and target audience inside out as well as any other branding materials you use to ensure your new brochure, whether a corporate brochure design or funky and innovative offering compliments and flows with any other marketing merchandise.

    Once we have the blueprint for your brochure; the Bubble design team will get their creative juices flowing and the layout, message and content of your brochure will be designed to grab maximum audience attention and participation in whatever call to action your brochure promotes. We will discuss with you not only the content and typography/graphics/images of your brochure but also the style and feel of the printing material and colours to be used.

    The brochure design and printing team at Bubble understand that brochures come in all shapes and sizes and have all kinds of uses. A brochure is NOT just a brochure! It is a description used to define any multi page, bound product that is used to promote products, services or solutions. This means that Bubble also offers our design to print services for the following too:-
    • Catalogues
    • Booklets
    • Reports
    • Manuals
    • Magazines
    • Directories
    • Handbooks
    • Guides
    • Newsletters
    • Pamphlets
    • Prospectuses
    • Portfolios

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