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Looking to increase your website conversions?

Think about your copy. The text on your website is a key opportunity for you to engage with your customers, and could be the difference between someone just visiting your website or converting to a lead.

With these few tips you can be on your way to creating copy thats sure to grab your readers attention.

Be concise

  • We’ve all been there. Theres nothing worse than wanting to read something but being met with tonnes of waffle and complex jargon. Although we understand some pages do require technical in depth copy, the majority of the time, less is more. Using language your audience will understand, and keeping things to the point will help keep your audience engaged. 

Understand your audience

  • It’s key to create copy for the correct audience, however to do this, you need to understand who they are! One of the first steps to writing copy is to think about who will be reading it, and what kind of language will resonate with them. If you are tweaking an existing web page, take some time looking at your visitor analytics to see exactly who is visiting the words on your page.

Utilise microcopy

  • Although microcopy is the shortest text, it can have the biggest impact! Short sentences, including call to actions, can be vital for a users experience on your website. CTA’s let a visitor know what they need to do next, and can start the journey from a visitor to a lead. Successful CTA’s evoke a feeling, they appeal to what the visitor wants, or create a sense of urgency in the action. Try and switch up generic phrases such as ‘click here’ for other action verbs such as ‘join’, ‘try’ or ‘complete’.

Have a break

  • Finally, one of the most important things you can do when creating copy is have a break. We know, telling you not to write as a tip to help you write sounds silly, but trust us. Time away between edits will help you see your copy with fresh eyes. As well as helping you spot any mistakes, it will help you see where you can make improvements.

Your copywriting is sure to level up using these tips, though it’s important to remember copy is only one part of the puzzle! 

Need help making sure your site is lead conversion ready? Speak to team Bubble today using our online chat or handy contact form! 

20 Amazing Years

Today team Bubble had a little surprise up their sleeve to celebrate 2 special ladies!

This year Nicola and Kirsty celebrate their 20 year anniversary with Bubble – we couldn’t let this pass without a surprise party! Their dedication and passion throughout the years has been second to none, and we are so so proud to have them as part the team.

Thank you both for everything… here’s to the next 20!

Break it down with Bubble!

Break it down with Bubble!

Sick of secretly googling acronyms in business meetings? Us too!

We all know the common day to day acronyms, but many can have a technical alternative or double meanings, lol. (Perfect example, did we find that funny or do we just love people who read our blogs… on this occasion, both!)

To help out, we’ve created a handy guide of the most common marketing acronyms below!

B2B – Business-to-Business

A transaction, or business conducted between businesses.

B2C – Business-to-Consumer

A transaction, or business conducted between business and consumer.

BR – Bounce Rate

Bounce rate can be applied to both websites and emails. Website bounce rates are the percentage of people who land on your page, but leave without clicking anything. An email bounce rate refers to the rate at which an email wasn’t able to be delivered.

CPA – Cost-per-Action

An online advertising payment model where the advertiser pays for specific actions their customers take. For example submitting a form or completing a purchase.

CPC – Cost-per-Click

The amount spent to get a ‘click’ on a digital advertisement when running a pay-per-click campaign.

CPL – Cost-per-Lead

The amount it costs to generate a lead.

CR – Conversion Rate

The percentage of people who complete a desired action on a web page.

CRO – Conversion Rate Optimisation

The action of improving your sites conversion rates. This is typically done using key optimisation principles, testing and engaging design techniques.

CTA – Call-to-action

Something that encourages a customer to take action. Links, buttons and instructions are common CTA’s.

CTR – Clickthrough Rate

The percentage of people that move from one step to another, for example from one page of a website to another.

GA – Google Analytics

A Google service that allows you to see in depth statistics about a website. Traffic, traffic sources, conversions and sales are all stored on GA.

KPI – Key Performance Indicator

A measurable value that shows how effective an activity is. Businesses generally choose KPI’s to assess whether they are meeting key business objectives.

LP – Landing Page

A page on a website that is created for a particular purpose.

LTV – Lifetime Value

A prediction of the net profit attributed to the future relationship with a customer.

NPS – Net Promoter Score

A customer satisfaction statistic that measures the degree to which people would recommend a company. This score is marked between 1-10.

PPC – Pay-per-click

An online advertising model where advertisers pay a platform an agreed cost every time their ad is clicked. Platforms include search engines and social media.

QR Code – Quick Response Barcode

QR codes are scannable barcodes, mainly used by marketers in offline marketing to drive people to a desired web page online.

ROAS – Return on Ad Spend

A type of performance measurement that is used to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of an advertising effort. It allows advertisers to see the amount of revenue generated from the money spent.

ROI – Return on Investment

A measurement used to assess the efficiency / profitability of an investment.

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

Techniques that help websites rank higher when searched for organically.

SMM – Social Media Marketing

Simply put, SMM is marketing using social media platforms.

USP – Unique Selling Proposition

A type of communication that focuses on the elements that differentiate a business from its competitors.

UX – User Experience

User experience refers to the experience a person has whilst using a product, website or application.

There you have it! As part of our break it down series we will be delving deeper into the terms above, so keep an eye out on out blogs for more information!

How we helped The Big Cheese win an award with a new ecommerce website

We’re so happy to hear STV International had won the Retailer Support and Marketing Initiative Award at the DIY Week Awards 🎉

This award is given to suppliers that have made great efforts to give their customers’ sales a boost, and a big part of this campaign was their new The Big Cheese website.

STV International are the UK’s leading producer of DIY pest control products, and with their product stocked in shops across the UK, they needed an intricate website that worked for them, their stockists and the end customer.

The Customer

In order to boost sales, The Big Cheese website had to be designed with the customer in mind, so we were keen to make the site not only look good, but also offer a great user experience. To start a users journey, an intro postcode pop up was added to the site to direct a customer to the retailer store closest to them. After being directed to the correct store, the customer is able to use the Pest Solution Finder – a handy tool that allows customer to find the products they need in 3 short clicks. The customers journey ends with an easy to use checkout.

The Stockist

For us, this may have been the most exciting part of the build! The sites multi store functionality allows selected retailers to have their own store view – with their own logo! On each The Big Cheese – Problem Solved stand is a unique NFC Header. By tapping their phone on this, a customer will be taken straight to the start of the Pest Solution Finder on the store of the shop they are in. To increase sales, the solution finder offers a bundle of suggested products. If the product they require doesn’t happen to be available in store, the customer can order the required product online. To help increase footfall back through the retailers shop, click and collect options are enabled at checkouts.

STV International

Although sales can be made on selected retailers stores, all orders placed are managed and fulfilled by STV. We added multiple integrations to the site to benefit both STV and a customer, for example, Feefo reviews, PayPal and DPD Shipping. The site is also integrated with Amazon, Ebay and Google Shopping Feed to allow selling through those channels.

At Bubble we find every website build exciting, but the innovative features in this site may make it one of our favourites. We are so happy these functionalities have had a positive impact for customers, as seen by STVs award win.

Feature Round Up

• Multi store functionality so selected retailers can have their own store view, with their own logo
• Postcode intro popup to allow customers to enter their postcode and be redirect to the retailer store view closest to them
• All orders placed are managed and fulfilled by STV
• Click and collect from your local store functionality to encourage footfall back through the retailers stores
• Pest solution finder to increase AOV of online purchasers and upsells
• Stockist finder
• Integrated with Feefo reviews
• Integrated with Amazon and eBay to sell products through various retail channels
• Google Shopping Feed to sell products through the Google shopping channel
• Stripe and PayPal payment method integration
• DPD Shipping integration
• Postcode lookup at checkout to minimise invalid customer address entry

Want to work with an agency that helps win awards? Choose Bubble!

Check out The Big Cheese Website here www.tbcandme.com

Mental Health Awareness Week

We can all feel lonely at times, and that’s okay.

Let’s face it, these last few years have been tough for most people, and with working from home becoming the new norm, feelings of loneliness have become a lot more common.

Last week we celebrated Mental Health Awareness Week and got together as a team to have a catch up, grab some nice food, and talk about how it’s okay to not be okay. At Bubble we pride ourselves on keeping up great lines of communication, even when people are working in different locations, however you can’t beat the team being together in person.

Have a look through the advice below from the Mental Health Foundation if you are ever feeling lonely.


Are you ready to take your business online?

We’ve got your back.

Here at Bubble we believe a great website starts with a strong plan, but how do we get there? These three questions will help you on your way to discovering what the needs of your website will be.

What is the purpose of your website?

The first question we always ask is why you feel you need a website. Maybe the business is expanding, or your current site is feeling a little outdated. Once you discover why you’re considering a change, you can start to think about what you would like to gain from a new site. Are there any specific functionalities you would need, for example the ability to book events or buy products?

Who is the website for?

This question is all about your target audience. Who will be using your website the most? What would they like to see from the website? Thinking from a customers point of view will help you begin to think about the type of content you would like to feature on your website.

If it’s a redesign you’re after, looking at your current most viewed pages and the time spent on each will help you determine what content your customers love the most! (We can help with this!)

How will you stand out?

As of the 21st of March, there are 1.93 billion websites online. We know, there’s a lot! Thinking about how your website will stand out is key to challenging your competitors. Do you want a distinct look to the site? Do you have a unique selling point? What tone of voice would you like to use? All of these points will help you create the perfect mix of individuality.

Now we move onto the build (and where we come in).

Considering the questions above will provide a great basis for a website plan, however building the website itself can be a lengthy and technical process. Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Our expert team have over 2 decades worth of experience (and tonnes of 5* reviews) in designing and building websites, get in touch to find out how we can work together!

We’re hiring a Social Media Executive

Bubble Design are the areas leading full service design and marketing agency based in Retford, Nottinghamshire, established in January 2000 we have built up a solid reputation over the last 22 years not only for our creativity but for delivering a great service, we have an exceptional team of creative designers, developers and artworkers that have multi disciplined experience in a range of market sectors both B2B and B2C, Healthcare, Pet Care, Retail, Public Sector, Education, Building & Construction, Manufacturing and Automotive.

Our passionate and expanding Team are looking for an experienced Social Media Executive, the job is to raise the profile of the company through a combination of Social Media and direct sales/marketing to potential customers along with the prospect of offering Social Media to our own Clients.

Our Team is very passionate about our business and its success, we would like someone who wants to play a part in our story and to bring your ideas to the role. We want you to help ensure a fantastic customer first culture and experience. You will also be a confident communicator capable of working with a range of customers and colleagues to ensure the ongoing growth.

We are looking for personality and a passion for customer service above all else! As a new role, it is an opportunity to make it your own and potentially growing and managing a Social Media Department.

Social Media Executive

Full-time, permanent

Competitive salary, dependent on experience

Key Responsibilities:

  • Launch and develop our Social Media Accounts.
  • Going forward, manage and maintain our social media accounts (including but not limited to Linked In, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, & YouTube)
  • Schedule, publish and manage responses of all social media posts efficiently and effectively. This includes making sure tone of voice used, message, knowing the target audience, and suitability of a post with the overall business objectives and marketing strategy
  • Creating and developing ideas, writing, and repurposing content for our chosen social media platforms
  • Collaborate with your colleagues to generate ideas and content
  • Create reports and analysis on social activity
  • Support in developing new business
  • Pursuing new sales prospects to set up meetings

Key skills required:

  • Minimum 2 years experience
  • Passion for social media and knowledge and understanding of all key platforms
  • Creative thinking and writing. Excellent copy writing is desired
  • Confident using scheduling and analysis tools
  • Skilled with editing software Adobe suite desirable but not essential
  • Strong attention to detail along with planning and execution skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Proactive and willingness to learn new skills
  • A team player

How to apply:

If you’re a self-motivated, enthusiastic team player who is deadline aware, pays excellent attention to detail and has good time management skills, then we would love to meet you. Please apply in writing including a CV and work samples to: careers@bubbledesign.co.uk

We’re hiring a Digital Communications Assistant

Bubble Design & Marketing are one of the areas leading design and marketing agencies, specialising in Web Design, Packaging Design, Brand Identity, Catalogue Production, POS, Commercial Photography and Advertising.

We have an excellent opportunity for a Digital Communications Assistant to secure a position within our Web Development Team.

The successful candidate will work with our design and development team to maintain a variety of mobile-first websites using the WordPress or Magento CMS, the role will involve direct contact with clients when fault finding, exploring new works and resolving support queries, you should have a passion for the industry and a strong desire to grow and develop your skills. The position requires an individual that will not shy away from contributing new ideas and opinions who works well within a strong team of thinkers, designers and developers. The successful candidate will have an ability to meet deadlines have excellent client communication skills and be good at problem solving with a strong eye for detail.

Digital Communications Assistant

Full-time, permanent

Salary: £15,480 – £25,000 per year

Mandatory skills:

  • Front-end: HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Some experience working with WordPress CMS or the desire to quickly learn them
  • Good telephone manner
  • Good email etiquette
  • Willingness to learn new skills
  • Positive attitude to problem solving

Desirable skills:

  • Responsive html email development
  • Front-end: HTML5, CSS3, SASS, JavaScript, PHP, JQuery or Bootstrap (Visual Composer in WordPress)
  • Experience in optimising WordPress for speed
  • Capable of working with designs provided in Adobe Photoshop
  • Confident working on mac

Key duties and responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining and updating a series of WordPress sites
  • Adding products to websites using reference materials
  • Assisting clients with support/maintenance tasks
  • Ensuring our websites comply with the latest best practices specified by Google
  • Proactively suggesting improvements to client websites
  • Testing new development work thoroughly
  • Potentially managing website hosting settings and backups
  • If you do have some previous experience, please provide any examples of websites you’ve created.

How to apply:

Please apply in writing including a CV to: careers@bubbledesign.co.uk

We’re hiring a Web Designer

Bubble Design are the areas leading full service design and marketing agency based in Retford, Nottinghamshire, established in January 2000 we have built up a solid reputation over the last 22 years not only for our creativity but for delivering a great service, we have an exceptional team of creative designers, developers and artworkers that have multi disciplined experience in a range of market sectors both B2B and B2C, Healthcare, Pet Care, Retail, Public Sector, Education, Building & Construction, Manufacturing and Automotive.

Website Designer

Full-time, permanent

Competitive salary, dependent on experience

Our passionate and expanding web team is looking for a talented, creative Website Designer who will work alongside our design and development team. We are looking for a skilled, self-motivated individual to work on a range of different digital projects, you will be a key member of the team, collaborating closely with our account management, digital and design teams.

The successful candidate will have:

  • A creative portfolio to demonstrate their front-end web design capabilities
  • A good understanding of UX principles
  • At least 2 years of web design experience, preferably in an agency environment
  • Experience working with CMS platforms (WordPress, WooCommerce & Magento)
  • Proficiency in working with Adobe Creative cloud software to produce stunning website designs (XD, Photoshop, Illustrator)
  • A great attention to detail
  • Experience in snagging, cross platform testing, content application and bug finding
  • Ability to manage their own projects and accounts including liaising with customers
  • Efficient in working with responsive designs

Additional benefits would include:

  • Knowledge or SEO/PPC and Yoast
  • HTML & CSS skills to enhance and support your creative designs
  • Some knowledge of javascript and jQuery

The main responsibilities of the role are:

  • Developing creative, dynamic and innovative design concepts that surpass our clients expectations
  • Ensure your work is of the highest quality and pushes creative boundaries
  • Work with our development team to create future proof websites
  • Collaborate directly with our wider creative and digital team
  • Managing your own time and dealing with the pressures of tight deadlines

How to apply:

If you’re a self-motivated, enthusiastic team player who is deadline aware, pays excellent attention to detail and has good time management skills, then we would love to meet you. Please apply in writing including a CV and work samples to: careers@bubbledesign.co.uk

We’ve rebranded!

We’ve had a rebrand!

You may have noticed we’ve recently given the business a bit of a face lift! After moving into our brand new office at the start of the year it felt like the perfect time to start thinking about a new look for the business, so we thought it was time for a rebrand! After months of planning, hundreds of design concepts and ideas and some friendly ‘debates’, we’re excited to show off our new look to everyone! We hope you like it!

22 years in the making

We feel our brand has stood the test of time over the last 22 years, but with an ever evolving world we decided to shake things up and craft a new look that is more modern, memorable and better reflects us as business and the services we offer. Changing our logo was a big decision but we feel it’s the right one.

A big part of the new direction was for us to explore removing the word ‘design’ from our logo. This was another step in the evolution of our brand as going back to the early 2000’s we had the long winded name of ‘Bubble Design and Marketing’. Over time we then became ‘Bubble Design’ and now we’re known as ‘Bubble’. This change helps our brand become more memorable and modern, and gives us the platform to evolve our brand and have a more visual presence, especially as it is now easier to identify the brand faster, even in smaller sizes.

What’s new?

Although we have maintained a blue and green palette (our main colours since 2000), we have enhanced the vibrancy of the colours, making them more engaging and impactful, especially on our digital comms. We have also introduced a tertiary colour palette with bold new colours that reflect the ‘playful’, ‘fun’ and ‘creative’ look and feel we wanted to achieve.

We have also introduced our new font family – Gilroy, which we chose for its extensive range of weights and uses that can help us create the modern look we were going for.

Creative design agency

Our new logo can work with and without a strapline, which we have introduced as part of this rebrand. We explored lots of different directions with the strapline but ultimately wanted something that summed up exactly what Bubble are – a creative design agency. Working on both online and offline design and marketing, we have a full service capability. This new strapline works for both parts of the business with our creative and passionate team working side by side in our open floor studio. This team environment helps us all get inspired and encourage creativity and new ideas, which shows in the work we’re creating.

Inspired by our change?

We’re passionate about creating brands that stand out from the crowd and set you apart from your competition. If you feel the time is right to start thinking about a rebrand for your company then get in touch with us for a chat! Our team boasts a combined 150+ years experience and would love to work with you to achieve your brand goals.

To keep up to date with all the latest on our rebrand follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram.

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