Google’s ‘helpful content’ algorithm update begins soon

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Rob Mentz
Google’s ‘helpful content’ algorithm update begins soon

Google’s ‘helpful content’ algorithm update begins soon

Last week Google announced the launch of a new helpful content algorithm update. Although this announcement was only released on the 18th of August, roll out is set to begin this week.

So, what do you need to know?

This ‘helpful content’ update aims to add value and focus onto content written for people, whilst devaluing content written primarily for SEO. Google has been clear in explaining this update doesn’t invalidate following SEO best practises, it’s just ensuring these are being applied to people-first content. 

This update will introduce a new ranking system site wide, and any content that is deemed to be unhelpful will now be less likely to perform well in a search. 

What can be done to avoid issues?

Essentially, Google wants you to create meaningful content that helps your site visitors and provides value.

  • Reflect on current content
    • The best place to start is by looking through your current site content. As we mentioned, this update reflects on the whole site, so its worth flicking through each page and editing content that is low-quality, is stuffed with keywords or is low value. 
  • Think about your visitors needs
    • Why are they visiting your site? This question is key in understanding what kind of content your visitors want to see, and which content will help them most. Be sure to emphasise the value you are giving your visitors.
  • Start to see SEO as a guide, not the whole solution
    • SEO is still incredibly useful, and by no means is this update encouraging us all to forget key words and ignore what we know. Use the research and data found to steer your content creation – just always remember to think about your visitors and their needs.

Don’t panic!

When working on any project at Bubble, our focus is always on producing high quality, value based content. Simply put, we don’t believe our clients are at risk of their ranking being effected by this update, although our development team will monitor this when roll out of this update begins. 

If you believe your site may be at risk and would like to talk to us about our website solutions, please get in touch today!


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