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Helping inspire the next generation

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David Storer
Helping inspire the next generation

Helping inspire the next generation

Over the past month, here at Bubble we have been working alongside with the local community to support the students at the local schools by providing valuable work experience to some of the students who were interested in web or graphic design.

We had a total of 4 students come to us from the secondary school and post sixteen centre located just around the corner from us. The students spent a full week with us learning the ins and outs of the business and learning how to use our software to fulfil their own mini projects. We had 2 students learning about web design and coding and another student learning about design and branding and the final student learning about both web and design.

Our student learning about design had a passion for mountain biking so during his time with us he, with the help of Dave (one of our design team), designed his own biking goggles and learnt the importance of branding inspiring him to create his own logo and styling for his biking goggles. Over the week we saw Max grow in confidence with his abilities and he went from strength to strength using our software and branding his products. In his own words, Max said “I’ve gained a lot of confidence through doing this, realising that there is actually something more exciting out there after school. Now I know I’ve just got to knuckle down with these last few years so I can get a job like this in the future.” Here at Bubble branding and logo design is one of our many strengths so if you are requiring help with these then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

On the web side of things we had two students creating their own websites and testing existing ones and using applications such as photoshop to enhance their sites. These two were helped by both Dave and our head of web, Rob, over the duration of the week we saw these young technology lovers grow and expand their already quite in depth knowledge of computing and programming. Over the week one of our young students managed to build a website and with our help was taught how to brand it and create an eShot that would show his site on it. Here at Bubble our web team are highly qualified and experienced so if you need any help with your website they are always happy to oblige.

Our work experience student from the local sixth form spent half the week learning design and the other half learning web. Jasmine already had quite a good knowledge of the basic photoshop tools, so with the help of our design team we managed to enhance her knowledge to allow her to complete more design specific tasks such as manipulating images and designing logos. Shaun, a member of our web development team also gave her some basic lessons in coding enabling her to understand the fundamentals of coding.

Overall not only did our students gain from this experience with us, but also we gained valuable knowledge about the next generation that we feel will help us in the future. Should you have any design or web projects that require the help of a leading innovative marketing agency, then get in touch with us today to see what we can do for you.

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