Here to help support your business during Covid-19

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Chris Peacock
Here to help support your business during Covid-19

Here to help support your business during Covid-19

There’s no doubt that these are extraordinary times for all of us, with businesses all around the UK experiencing challenging times.

As an established business for over 20 years we’ve seen plenty of challenges come our way, be it recessions, digital changes, a change in design trends or new competition, we’re well versed in coping and adapting in times like these and the current uncertainly around the coronavirus only provides another hurdle to overcome.

Like many of you, we are having to work from home in these coming weeks (or even months) so as well as continuing to produce work for our clients, we will also be taking the time to update ourselves with the changes in our sector and refine our service and support packages to allow us to hit the ground running when ‘normality’ resumes. If, like us, you are planning on taking this time to adapt and grow your brand, we’re here to help! Our friendly and reliable team are all kitted out at their homes and are on-hand to work with you and help support your business through this crisis.

To kick things off you could start by looking at:

Your marketing
Keep yourself at the forefront of your customers minds and reach them through digital marketing. Whether that be regular blog post updates, social media marketing or making changes to your website (be it a full redesign and rebuild or content updates), we can help you maximise your customer engagement.

Your brand
Make sure your brand is up-to-date and reflects the service(s) you offer. Now is a great time to give your brand a little TLC to ensure you stand out amongst your competitors and engage with your customers. We can help you refine your logo and deliver brand guidelines that outline your vision and values to keep your brand consistent and professional across all touchpoints.

Your website
This is a great time to turn your attention to your website, whether it’s a small site promoting your services or a larger eCommerce store selling products online, we can help to ensure your website is kept up-to-date and easy to navigate. With a boom in orders being placed online, ensuring your customers can engage with you via live chat or email and creating more content for your website or social audiences such as helpful tips, how-to videos and more, are great ways to retain customer engagement. Website traffic is also at an all time high with the vast majority of people at home, so making sure your website is fully responsive for your customers to browse on varying devices is also hugely important to keep you ranking high on search engines. If you’re not sure if your website is responsive to comply with Google’s requirements we can provide you with a FREE site audit today! Get in touch with us and we will happily let you know!

Social media
Another platform that will be red hot during the pandemic is social media. Creating and posting content via your social channels is another quick and cost effective way we can help you reach your customers and market your business.

So, you may be self-isolating (and binge watching a lot of TV!) but this doesn’t mean your business and marketing has to stop! You can use this valuable time to adapt your business to be ready for the changes in the foreseeable future and bring your digital communications up-to-date. Whatever support and requirements you might have, we can help, and it won’t cost you a penny! Why not book a call with our team today and let’s discuss how we can help your business thrive moving forward in these testing times.

Stay safe and we hope to hear from you soon, from all of us at Bubble Design.

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