It’s work experience week at Bubble!

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Caitlin Addison-Jones
It’s work experience week at Bubble!

It’s work experience week at Bubble!

We recently welcomed Ashton and Lola to our team for a weeks work experience!

The duo joined us at our studio where they worked alongside our team in various areas of the business.

Ashton and Lola were eager to learn as much as possible during their time at Bubble, and they quickly jumped into the design team’s schedule, where they learned about print and digital design work. They were given the opportunity to practice with software tools such as Adobe XD, Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, with guidance from our experienced design team. They shadowed the team in designing websites, social media marketing campaigns, branding, and packaging design projects as well as the many other touchpoints for the projects we’re currently working on!

Ashton and Lola had a chance to understand the entire workflow and processes, from conceptualisation to final production. They learned how to carry out research and audits, create concepts and solutions based on our onboarding documents and scoping sessions, and come up with creative and engaging solutions. We were really impressed by their enthusiasm and willingness to learn! They showed great initiative and enthusiasm for the tasks and challenges that were set!

The duo’s learning experience did not end with the design team. They also spent time with the development team, where they delved into code, web maintenance and support. Here, they learned about web development best practices and the platforms and tools we use, such as WordPress, Google Web Master Tools, Lucky Orange and more! They worked alongside the developers to understand how websites are built, maintained, and supported.

During their time, Ashton and Lola also had a chance to explore other areas of our agency, such as client relations, project management, and digital marketing. They got an overview of how each department works collaboratively to create high-quality work for our clients.

Of his experience with the team at Bubble, Ashton said…

“I’ve had the most amazing week at Bubble! Every single member of staff have welcomed me to the family and I’m really sad to be leaving already. Hopefully I’ll be back soon!”

We’re very proud to provide opportunities to young and aspiring designers, developers and marketeers, giving young people a chance to gain some hands-on workplace experience that they can use to apply to their skills in the future.

We’d like to thank both Ashton and Lola for all the hard work and commitment they’ve shown over their weeks work experience, we hope this experience was enjoyable and beneficial for you both! We would like to wish you both the very best for the future, we’re sure you’ll be a success in whatever role you take on.

Are you looking for some work experience or an internship at a creative design agency? We’d love to hear from you! Get in touch with us today.

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