Looking the part in our new team kit!

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Nicola Williams
Looking the part in our new team kit!

Looking the part in our new team kit!

Here at Bubble we are all creatives, yet we all have those days when we just struggle to find that creative outfit inspo (the ‘I’ve got nothing to wear’ classic that everyone suffers from.) So our design team thought it was time to get to work on some quirky new Bubble apparel!

Having a ‘uniform’ was something we had all regularly discussed in the office, so we were all excited to celebrate the arrival of the new team kit. It will certainly help us all when we are having a tough time deciding what to wear, as we can just slip on our new Bubble tops and still look good. We have all got a selection of t shirts, polos, hoodies and gilets all with our new Bubble logo on.

The idea behind our new ‘uniform’ is not only to give us a day off in terms of outfit planning whenever we are lapsing in the fashion ideas department, but more importantly to help us build a good sense of belonging within the company. There are also other advantages of having a well designed uniform for example: helps to build a good brand identity, in larger companies it can help reduces and prejudice or discrimination caused by your own choice clothing, it also can just look smart – introducing a uniform can be an excellent way to keep your workforce looking smart and professional.

Get in touch with us today if you think your business would benefit from some branded apparel! Or check out our other projects to see what else we can help you with!

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