Looking to increase your website conversions?

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Tyler McCrae
Looking to increase your website conversions?

Looking to increase your website conversions?

Think about your copy. The text on your website is a key opportunity for you to engage with your customers, and could be the difference between someone just visiting your website or converting to a lead.

With these few tips you can be on your way to creating copy thats sure to grab your readers attention.

Be concise

  • We’ve all been there. Theres nothing worse than wanting to read something but being met with tonnes of waffle and complex jargon. Although we understand some pages do require technical in depth copy, the majority of the time, less is more. Using language your audience will understand, and keeping things to the point will help keep your audience engaged. 

Understand your audience

  • It’s key to create copy for the correct audience, however to do this, you need to understand who they are! One of the first steps to writing copy is to think about who will be reading it, and what kind of language will resonate with them. If you are tweaking an existing web page, take some time looking at your visitor analytics to see exactly who is visiting the words on your page.

Utilise microcopy

  • Although microcopy is the shortest text, it can have the biggest impact! Short sentences, including call to actions, can be vital for a users experience on your website. CTA’s let a visitor know what they need to do next, and can start the journey from a visitor to a lead. Successful CTA’s evoke a feeling, they appeal to what the visitor wants, or create a sense of urgency in the action. Try and switch up generic phrases such as ‘click here’ for other action verbs such as ‘join’, ‘try’ or ‘complete’.

Have a break

  • Finally, one of the most important things you can do when creating copy is have a break. We know, telling you not to write as a tip to help you write sounds silly, but trust us. Time away between edits will help you see your copy with fresh eyes. As well as helping you spot any mistakes, it will help you see where you can make improvements.

Your copywriting is sure to level up using these tips, though it’s important to remember copy is only one part of the puzzle! 

Need help making sure your site is lead conversion ready? Speak to team Bubble today using our online chat or handy contact form! 

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