Our 2023 marketing trend predictions

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David Storer
Our 2023 marketing trend predictions

Our 2023 marketing trend predictions

The marketing world is constantly changing. The latest updates and newest technologies mean trends are always changing, however we think a few are definitely here to stay for 2023.

Video, video and more video

Okay, so video has been a major trend throughout 2022, and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. 92% of businesses are naming video as an important part of their marketing strategy, and if it’s not in yours, you’re missing a trick! 

In the social media realm, TikTok and reels are a MUST. Both platforms are working on usability for businesses into 2023, and we expect to see much better posting processes, simpler ad dashboards and more transparent stats! 

All video content is great, but we expect to see a huge focus on short form videos. Shorter videos work great with the fast-paced attention spans of social media audiences, throughout a range of demographics.

Think mobile first!

Did you know over half of all annual online website traffic comes from mobile / tablet devices? With more people using mobile to access websites, it’s so important your site is mobile friendly! Designing a website with mobile in mind ties in nicely with a growing trend of the last couple of years, a focus on user experience. We want to make websites as easy to use as possible for users  and ensure they are able to easily find any information needed or make a purchase.

We don’t just need to think about mobile design when creating a website, it’s also important in other marketing strategies, for example email marketing!

Social media, the new customer service tool

Although this is a newer trend, it’s one we see sky rocketing in 2023. We’re moving into an age where customers expect instant answers. We’re seeing a decline in people using emails and filling in forms to resolve an issue. Instead, customers turn to live chats, and more recently social media chats to raise their questions. 

Throughout 2023 it will be essential to check direct messages, and make sure they are set up to make things as easy as possible! Automated replies, and replies to frequently asked questions are easy to set up, and when used correctly will help your customer service.

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