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Camms are a global integrated software solutions company for risk, strategy, and project management. They serve a diverse client base of global organisations with offices across eight locations including New York, London, Manchester, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth along with a global service delivery centre in Colombo, Sri Lanka. With a website that was increasingly hard to manage and update and with an outdated look and feel, it was time for a complete overhaul to create a dynamic and user-friendly platform that would better reflect Camms and their capabilities in the SAAS sector. After successfully tendering to redesign and redevelop their site from the ground up, we worked closely with the Camms team to restructure their site, refine their content and deliver a site that was not only aesthetically pleasing but one that also delivered on performance.

Camms website homepage mockup


The current Camms website was in need of an update. With content that didn’t reflect their capabilities in the SAAS sector and a clunky CMS that made it difficult to update and manage content, we were tasked with redesigning and redeveloping the site to provide better flexibility, enhanced usability and an improved site performance.

The Solution

We rethought the entire site structure, mapping out key pages and areas of the site and positioning these in a way that made them easy and accessible for users to navigate to. This was a key part of the solution so we could present content and key areas to the user that would ultimately help with leads and conversions. We built the site on a WordPress platform using Elementor page builder technology to allow Camms the flexibility to manage and maintain the site moving forward.

Camms website mockup on various devices

The Process

We carefully reengineered the site structure and visually enhanced each page to create a more modern and innovative approach that better reflected the Camms brand and clearly communicated their capabilities and expertise

After our initial scoping sessions and early sitemap revisions we created a homepage visual that would set the tone for the rest of the site. We paid close attention to key CTA’s, ensuring these were strategically placed to maximise lead conversions as well as ensuring that key content was well positioned and well optimised. Following approval of the homepage and design assets we rolled out the remaining site pages before creating an interactive prototype link to mimic that of a live site. This provided Camms with an opportunity to browse and navigate the site to get a feel for the user journey so we could further refine the process. Once all the page templates had been approved and the content and asset files were exported, we moved onto the development phase where we would carry out the site build, install and integrate any plugins, test browser compatibility and site performance and deploy onto a new dedicated server.

Camms website mockup on a laptop and tablet
Camms website screen mockup
Camms website mockup on a tablet and mobile

Before & After


Launching a new-look Camms to help reposition them at the forefront of the SAAS sector

The new Camms website comes complete with lots of features including…

• HubSpot form integration
• Multi-lingual (3 regions)

• Built with advanced custom fields
• Chili Piper appointment scheduling

• Live chat integration
• ROI calculator

• Dedicated VPS
• GA4 conversion tracking

The new site has been build with performance in mind, not only delivering an improved layout and design aesthetic but also helping to enhance usability and better serve their target audience. What’s more, the new site offers an improved user experience, richer and more informative content, and an easier to use content management system that allows Camms to keep the site up-to-date and performing at it’s best.

Nothing short of remarkable!

“Bubble’s recent work on completely redesigning and revamping the Camms website has been nothing short of remarkable. They took our initial brief and evolved it into something extraordinary. The team, with notable mentions to Chris Peacock, Chris Theaker, Rob, and Nicola, stood out for their personable nature. They were not only receptive to feedback but also went above and beyond in their efforts, delivering ongoing support since go live that has been exemplary.
Bubble’s approach to revamping the website structure was thoughtful and strategic. They allowed us to shift the focus from being product-led to being more capability and software use case-focused, with GRC at the heart. This restructuring has made the website more intuitive and relevant to our website visitor needs.
The fresh, modern look of the new website is a testament to Bubble’s attention to detail and understanding of contemporary web design. They have employed a user-friendly design and an extended pastel colour palette that makes the website visually appealing and easy to navigate. The addition of beautiful, stylised screenshots showcases the improved functionality and appearance of our platform in a very engaging way. Also, by leveraging the latest technologies, they have significantly enhanced the usability and security of our site, ensuring a superior experience for our visitors.
In conclusion, Bubble’s work has been transformative, and their team’s commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of our new website. We would highly recommend Bubble to any company in need of a modern, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing website. Their ability to listen, adapt, and deliver is truly commendable.”

Adam Allcock

Adam Allcock
Global Digital Marketing & Lead Generation Manager

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