Cooper & Co.

Creating a brand in an already crowded category that will keep dog owners smiling and their pets healthy

Cooper & Co. Grain Free Dog Food was developed to provide a perfectly balanced diet for your dog. The brand was created and built around a dog named Cooper. Cooper lives an active outdoor lifestyle and loves all of the delicious recipes in the range, simply because they are so tasty. It was really important that Cooper was fed a simple and wholesome diet containing only the finest quality ingredients. The Cooper & Co. recipes are grain free and full of all the essential energy, nutrients, vitamins and minerals dogs need for a happy, healthy life.

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In a market that is crowded with large, well known dog food brands, we wanted to communicate the health benefits and use of ‘fresh meat’ used in Cooper & Co. Through extensive research in the UK market, we understood that consumers were looking for a trusted, authentic and tasty food that their dogs would love. It was also important to them that they were feeding their loved ones wholesome foods with the finest quality ingredients.

The Solution

Our story focussed on the freshly prepared recipes, simple wholesome ingredients alongside the benefits of feeding wheat and gluten free. We explored food photography but felt the brand would benefit from the use of illustration, using ‘Cooper’ (the working Spaniel) added great value, gave trust and stood out on-shelf.

Cooper Dog Food Bag

The Process

Communicating the difference between the products in the range was key, it was important that we made it easy for consumers to quickly identify the product they required when entering their pet shop. We broke the category down into ‘dog types’ – Active, Sensitive, Fussy, Puppy, Glossy and Vitality with each of the products assigned a colour to to allow consumers to immediately recognise ’the green bag or the orange bag’ on shelf.

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Coopers share of the grain free dog food market has been incredible, targeting the independent pet trade retailers, Cooper & Co. can be seen hogging shelf space in over 2000+ retailers throughout the UK.

To support the launch we worked with Cooper & Co. on a suite of marketing materials. We attended open days allowing retailers to invite their customers and we developed a suite of consumer and staff training literature also. In-store we created high quality point of sale and promotional materials that were supplied to the retailers free of charge.

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Helping Cooper & Co. establish itself as a leading brand in the pet sector

Cooper & Co. has seen significant exposure and is gaining attraction and trust in the market. We are now supporting Cooper & Co. with their NPD activities which will see the introduction of some exciting new products that will challenge competitors in different product categories.

Unbelievably creative!

“Moving into the ‘Grain Free’ market place was new territory for us and the team at Bubble made it their responsibility to completely get under the skin of this project, we worked tirelessly with them on naming conventions, logo development, packaging design and consumer testing. The processes they demonstrated throughout the project was incredible, we will continue to keep the brand guardianship with the bubble team and work with them on all future NPD works.”

Will Baggaley
Head of Group Marketing, Cooper & Co.

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