Sparkling new packaging designs for a range of fast-selling household cleaning products

Hycolin Antiviral Disinfectants have been designed to safeguard and protect your home in the fight against germs and viruses. All their products are tested and proven to kill a range of germs and viruses, perfect way to protect your home and family. In an extremely competitive marketplace and at a time when cleaning products are at the top of everyones shopping list, Hycolin needed impactful packaging designs that could stand out on shelf and communicate clearly the key USP’s of each product to shoppers.

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Hycolin wanted to establish itself as a leading brand in the household cleaning sector, with shelf space and brand competition high, we needed to create packaging designs that were bold, visually impactful and easy to identity. We were tasked with creating a range of packaging designs that would be stocked in multiple retail stores with all the market leading brands.

The Solution

We created bright, bold and strong designs that stood out on shelf amongst the competition. We ensured the designs worked across a range of touchpoints including point of sale display units, adverts, digital comms and even sponsorship packages.

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The Process

We kickstarted the packaging design process by creating mood boards, reviewing the market and competitor brands and coming up with design concepts, exploring typefaces, colours, layouts, icons and images to get a feel for what was working. Following input and direction from the client who we worked closely with throughout the process, we narrowed down the design concepts and explored how these would work in a retail environment by created 3D rendered mockups to place in situ.

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Rollout and implementation

Following approval of the design concept we rolled out the design to a range of products including kitchen and bathroom cleaners, stainless steel and glass cleaners, toilet gels, hand soaps, surface cleaners and more! We also worked on a range of professional cleaners utilising the Hycolin branding. All products were created as 3D renders that we used across a range of touchpoints including adverts, point of sale displays and the products were also uploaded to the website for users to buy products online.

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Impactful packaging designs that have products flying off the shelf!

Following the launch of the new products these have been stocked in a wide range of retail stores including Lidl, Savers, Aldi, Iceland, The Range and many more! The packaging designs have been a huge success with in-store and online sales booming. The products sit amongst some of the leading and best selling cleaning products and are competing for sales and shelf space with multiple brands, taking more than their fair share of market sales. We have also launched the Professional range of products with these being sold to trade users in bulk.

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