Bubble Design & Marketing Ltd Referral Scheme Terms and Conditions

To make a valid referral, you must complete the webform at www.bubbledesign.co.uk/refer-a-friend

Please note that only referrals submitted through the www.bubbledesign.co.uk/refer-a-friend form will qualify.

To qualify, the referred company must place an order for a new website project with Bubble Design & Marketing Ltd within 12 months of referral.

Referrals will only be eligible if the Referred company is not already in conversation with, or working with, Bubble Design & Marketing Ltd on any other project(s).

If a Referred company is sent by multiple Referrers, whichever Referrer submitted the referral first will be deemed as the Referrer.

Referrals will be deemed as ineligible if an existing client refers their own franchisee or a new location of a group that is already an existing customer.

There is no limit to the number of businesses a Referrer can refer in our Referral Scheme.

The Referrer will receive a £250 gift card of their choice for every company/organisation they refer.

The value of the website order by both the referrer and the referee must be over £5,000 per website.

Other services offered by Bubble Design & Marketing Ltd are not part of the Referral Scheme at this point.

The Referrer may be named in communication between Bubble Design & Marketing Ltd and the Referred company.

The £250 gift card will only be issued for valid referrals once the Referred company has paid their initial deposit for a new website with Bubble Design & Marketing Ltd.

The Referrer will be able to choose a £250 gift card of their choice.

A £250 gift card will be issued to the referrer within 30 days of the referred customer paying their initial deposit for a new website with Bubble Design & Marketing Ltd.

The referred customer will receive a £250 discount off their quoted price at the point of placing an order for a new website.

In the event of a Referrer not receiving a £250 gift card, please email studio@bubbledesign.co.uk for support.

If you require any further information regarding the Bubble Design & Marketing Ltd Referral Scheme, please email studio@bubbledesign.co.uk.

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