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Content Marketing

Bubble can provide credible, relevant and fresh content marketing in the form of written content, such as web copy, blog creation, videos, e-books and more.

The concept of content marketing has actually been around for hundreds of years because after all; the buying and selling of goods (commerce) has been an instinctive behaviour of mankind before it was given a name and strategy! Content marketing basically refers to any information that inspires or encourages consumers to buy your products or services without it directly relating to the actual products or services you sell. This content usually takes the form of some kind of “education” that provides information or interest that is not promotional but to which the buying of your product or service then seems like a natural progression.


What do your audience WANT?

This means that effective content marketing is all about your demographic; your audience and not about your brand, products or services. For instance; you may run a make-up business selling products online but your content marketing takes the form of a blog about beauty and make-up styles and tips. Yes - there is an association between your marketing and the products you sell BUT you are not directly selling these products in the marketing content.

To truly make your marketing fresh and original you then need to think about what makes your product/service unique? What angle can be marketed to make new and existing clients feel as though you are offering something that no-one else is? It is this selling point that can turn what is a simple commodity into a concept that is embraced by your audience and promote loyalty to your company ensuring you have repeat business and stay relevant in your field.


Bubble - A content marketing agency that can deliver it all

Here at Bubble we appreciate that the considerations of content marketing can be a complicated and creatively challenging process, but this is one that comes naturally to us because it is what our team love to do every day, 365 days of the year! Every content creator here is continually brainstorming ideas with the rest of the team and incorporating content marketing into off and online designs – for all clients and companies, big and small. Our aim is to turn as many eyes as possible away from the competition and keep them on your products and services through strategic content marketing. This in turn naturally helps to increase lead generation, conversion and calls to action with traffic flowing to your company whether you have a physical presence as well as an online one!

We make it sound easy, but content marketing is a process that takes commitment, hard work and patience and it is not for everyone. This is why it is important to employ the right designer and developer for your business to help you get noticed, develop a stable presence in an already saturated marketplace and continue to grow.


Bubble can help you by:-

  • Providing valuable content, including website copy, that builds an engaged audience that is interested in the development of your business
  • Attracting the right audience to your products and services and ensuring you are at the top of search results because of valuable content that increases traffic flow and CTA participation
  • Reducing costs by diverting revenue into successful content marketing that may be otherwise engaged in less productive channels.

Bubble would be delighted to provide credible, relevant and fresh content creation in the form of written content, such as web copy, blog creation, videos, e-books and more that matter to your potential customers, meaning that your business is much more likely to be discovered by the right audience.

A continued strategy of content marketing, including regular fresh website content creation will then help to earn their trust and loyalty – a win win situation in which you can strengthen customer relationships and grow a captivated subscriber base which naturally means an increase in sales revenue and profits.

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What our clients think

Five Stars

"Incredibly impressive, the research put into competitor analysis on this project blew me away. The guidance and creativity that the team demonstrated throughout the concept and final artwork stages was amazing, we will continue to use these guys for all future NPD works."

Alex Pavlović

Sales & Marketing Assistant, Bak'd

Five Stars

"Moving into the 'Grain Free' market place was new territory for us and the team at Bubble made it their responsibility to completely get under the skin of this project, we worked tirelessly with them on naming conventions, logo development, packaging design and consumer testing. The processes they demonstrated throughout the project was incredible, we will continue to keep the brand guardianship with the bubble team and work with them on all future NPD works."

Will Baggaley

Head of Group Marketing, Cooper & Co.

Five Stars

"I've worked with the bubble team for over 18 years in various Marketing Roles, when I joined the Pedigree marketing team they were one of the first suppliers I wanted to bring on board. Bubble take such a pragmatic approach to every project, they really care and constructively challenge decisions if they don't think its right. The benefit of having a full service agency enables them to support us with design, photography and digital activities."

Ann Hendry

Brand Manager, Walter Harrison's

Five Stars

“We are thrilled that SYNETIQ has been created, it was vital that the new branding clearly communicated that our businesses are well-placed to deliver a best in class service to an industry where compliance, reputation, the environment and safety is of paramount importance. The entire team at Bubble Design really understood the brief and understood the 4 companies from the outset and what we were trying to achieve, they were friendly, pragmatic, pacy and high quality. I would 100% recommend.”

Tom Rumboll

Executive Chairman, Synetiq

Five Stars

“Fantastic company to deal with who always go above and beyond. Always happy to advise us on changes and the newest products and extensions available.”


Lesley Clark

Owner, Pawn Broker Gold

Five Stars

“Great service, very responsive in delivery and incredibly helpful in dealing with queries. Would definitely recommend.”

Micha Fell

Client Relationship Manager, Derwent Students

Five Stars

“Bubble offered an extremely proactive approach to building our new Magento eCommerce website and we were really impressed with the branding and logo development.”

Andy Holler

Managing Director, Muffle

Five Stars

“I worked with Bubble on the creation of an online testing platform, which to date has had thousands of students sit their assessments through it. Building it completely from scratch, Bubble were instrumental in the design and creation of the platform. They were always on hand to help work through the thought processes and ensure that the end product worked smoothly and efficiently. When I worked with Bubble in the creation of a new WordPress site, their knowledge was invaluable in helping us get everything we wanted out of the site. For example, they helped us set up restricted areas for different users and a certificate validation service. I have also worked with Bubble on a few different design projects, and found that they have the rare ability of being able to convert a vague idea, into reality and make it better than I could have imagined. The customer service is unlike any that I have experienced before. No problem or query is too small and they are always willing to go the extra mile to sort any problems I might have, or flag up any potential issues that my new idea might have on the existing system. I would recommend Bubble Design to any business, looking to redesign or create a website, or for any of their design needs.”

Thomas Bird

Account Executive, IAB

Five Stars

“The graphics and designs Bubble create are always better than we could ever imagine and they understand us as a business and an image. They are always friendly, welcoming and are consistently professional. They have been brilliant throughout and as a business we could not recommend them enough! Thank you for being so brilliant Bubble!”


Cheryl Robinson

Owner, The Ugly Sisters

Five Stars

“Fantastic Service from the Bubble Team, we approached them about our company branding and initially commissioned them to created our corporate identity. We were blown away with the results, since then have progressed our new website, vehicle livery, corporate brochure and more recently some tender documents to help us secure work. Great work, great team and super communication throughout all of the projects!”


Martin Winter

Managing Director, iLine Group

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