The new ITHealth website is now live!

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Chris Theaker
The new ITHealth website is now live!

The new ITHealth website is now live!

How we helped deliver the brand new ITHealth website… 

ITHealth are a leading provider of cybersecurity and access management solutions to NHS organisations. With their proven and trusted solutions, ITHealth are committed to keeping the NHS secure and protected against cyber threats.

ITHealth approached us with the ambition of completely redesigning and redeveloping their existing website. They needed a website that was not only user-friendly and easy to navigate but that also provided visitors with a clear understanding of the services that ITHealth offers. We worked closely with ITHealth to identify the key pain points that users faced when navigating their previous website. We also looked at other healthcare and cybersecurity websites to understand what was working well and what could be improved.

The first step of the website journey

Once we had a good understanding of what was required, the first step was to create wireframes and prototype links that allowed us to test and iterate on different design concepts. This was an important step as it allowed us to gain valuable feedback from the ITHealth team and their users, which helped us to refine our approach and ensure that the end result would meet the needs of their target audience.

Creating effective, informative and engaging page designs

Once the wireframes were approved we created visually engaging design templates. These templates were designed to create a modern, visually appealing look and feel for the website that was also in keeping with ITHealth’s branding and colour palette, giving the website a consistent and professional look and feel.

We designed page templates for their solutions, services and case studies, which demonstrate ITHealth’s expertise in providing cybersecurity solutions to NHS organisations and gives visitors an in-depth understanding of the challenges faced by these organisations and how ITHealth has helped them overcome these challenges.

You can view the full ITHealth case study on our website to gain a full understanding of what we delivered and see how we helped bring the creative to life!

To ensure that the website met all of their users needs we also integrated a customer forum where ITHealth’s users could give feedback and support on the ITHealth dashboard. This was a key feature as it allowed users to ask questions, report issues and give suggestions on how the dashboard could be improved. It also helped ITHealth to better understand their customers’ needs and to make changes that would benefit them.

Built on an easy to use, content manageable platform

It was important we also gave ITHealth the flexibility to edit and manage their own content through an intuitive CMS platform. This was important as it gave ITHealth the ability to make updates and changes to the website without having to rely on a third party to manage their content. The CMS platform was easy to use and allowed them to make changes quickly and efficiently, helping them to keep the website up-to-date and relevant whilst also informing their users of any upcoming events or updates in their sector.

The end result was a website that met ITHealth’s requirements and exceeded their expectations, providing a valuable resource for NHS organisations looking for safe and secure cybersecurity and access management solutions.

To learn more about ITHealth and their services, you can check out their new website here!

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