‘Tis the season to start your Christmas Marketing

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Chris Peacock
‘Tis the season to start your Christmas Marketing

‘Tis the season to start your Christmas Marketing

Okay, now we’re in November we’re officially in the clear to start talking about Christmas Marketing.

These next two months are some of the busiest on the marketing calendar, so it’s important to be as prepared as possible. We have Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, Boxing Day Sales and the New Year all quickly approaching! 

Now, we’re not saying you have to take part in all of these key days. However, if you’re planning marketing activities for even just one of these, nows the time to act.

Where to start?

We recommend creating a timeline. Take time to think what you want to run campaigns for. Maybe you’ll skip Black Friday and just focus on Christmas Marketing? Perhaps you want to take part in Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas? With lots going off at the same time, a timeline allows you to plan when each campaign is going to start, and gives you the foundations of a great plan. 

Once you’ve decided what campaigns you are going to run, you need to drill down into your offering. Think about the offer you’ll run on Black Friday, or what products perform best around Christmas time. 

Finally, think about your audience. To create a campaign, you need to understand who will be seeing it. Your audience can influence the whole campaign, from messaging to the design you use. It’s essential to think about these things before making a start on your campaigns. 

I have my campaign ideas, now what? 

It’s landing page time! Your campaign needs a home, and a landing page is the perfect place. It’s worth remembering that most businesses will be running campaigns around now, so a little creativity is needed to make sure you stand out. 

We recommend including eye catching visuals, an attention grabbing headline, a clear run down of your offering / your best selling products, exit intent and a form!

Once you have built a landing page, work needs to be done to direct your customers there. Here’s a couple of ways this can be done:

  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media
  • PPC
  • Blogs
  • Website headers
  • Offline Materials

We know, theres a lot to be done! This is where a leading full service creative design agency could come in useful.

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