Twitter update: what marketers need to know

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Chloe Woodhall
Twitter update: what marketers need to know

Twitter update: what marketers need to know

There’s been some big changes at Twitter recently…

In case you haven’t seen the latest Twitter update, Elon Musk is the new owner. Since joining the company, he has dissolved the Twitter board, and is now sole director. 

What other changes have happened?

Although everything is pretty much up in the air, and we predict there are still some big changes to come, there have been some changes made already. 

Many of the key decision makers have now left the business, and Musk plans to reduce the staff team by about 50%. 

Twitter verification is also set to change, with the implementation of paid verification. Anyone can now be verified, however this will be charged at $8 a month. Musk has also cracked down on ‘parody’ accounts, and is permanently removing impersonation accounts unless they clearly state they are a parody account. 

Perhaps the biggest Twitter update will come in the form of content moderation. Musk is a keen believer in free speech, and although he has made it clear Twitter will not become a ‘free-for-all’, there has been a spike in the use of racist and derogatory terms since Musk’s takeover. 

What does this mean for businesses?

Right now, the changes don’t impact day to day tweets produced by businesses, however they may mean businesses need to reevaluate whether Twitter is the platform for them further down the line. 

Relaxed content moderation has opened Twitter to more troll / harmful accounts, and many brands and celebrities have already sworn to stop using the platform. This change in users may completely change the demographic of Twitter, which is also something for businesses to consider.

It’s not all bad!

We know, there are some huge changes coming, and they may not all be for the better, but Musk does have some plans that may benefit content creators. 

Throughout 2022 Twitter has been adding features to help content creators make money, and Musk plans to continue with these plans. He has also declared to improve the search function and add the ability to attach long pieces of text to tweets.

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