We’ve rebranded!

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Chris Theaker
We’ve rebranded!

We’ve rebranded!

We’ve had a rebrand!

You may have noticed we’ve recently given the business a bit of a face lift! After moving into our brand new office at the start of the year it felt like the perfect time to start thinking about a new look for the business, so we thought it was time for a rebrand! After months of planning, hundreds of design concepts and ideas and some friendly ‘debates’, we’re excited to show off our new look to everyone! We hope you like it!

22 years in the making

We feel our brand has stood the test of time over the last 22 years, but with an ever evolving world we decided to shake things up and craft a new look that is more modern, memorable and better reflects us as business and the services we offer. Changing our logo was a big decision but we feel it’s the right one.

A big part of the new direction was for us to explore removing the word ‘design’ from our logo. This was another step in the evolution of our brand as going back to the early 2000’s we had the long winded name of ‘Bubble Design and Marketing’. Over time we then became ‘Bubble Design’ and now we’re known as ‘Bubble’. This change helps our brand become more memorable and modern, and gives us the platform to evolve our brand and have a more visual presence, especially as it is now easier to identify the brand faster, even in smaller sizes.

What’s new?

Although we have maintained a blue and green palette (our main colours since 2000), we have enhanced the vibrancy of the colours, making them more engaging and impactful, especially on our digital comms. We have also introduced a tertiary colour palette with bold new colours that reflect the ‘playful’, ‘fun’ and ‘creative’ look and feel we wanted to achieve.

We have also introduced our new font family – Gilroy, which we chose for its extensive range of weights and uses that can help us create the modern look we were going for.

Creative design agency

Our new logo can work with and without a strapline, which we have introduced as part of this rebrand. We explored lots of different directions with the strapline but ultimately wanted something that summed up exactly what Bubble are – a creative design agency. Working on both online and offline design and marketing, we have a full service capability. This new strapline works for both parts of the business with our creative and passionate team working side by side in our open floor studio. This team environment helps us all get inspired and encourage creativity and new ideas, which shows in the work we’re creating.

Inspired by our change?

We’re passionate about creating brands that stand out from the crowd and set you apart from your competition. If you feel the time is right to start thinking about a rebrand for your company then get in touch with us for a chat! Our team boasts a combined 150+ years experience and would love to work with you to achieve your brand goals.

To keep up to date with all the latest on our rebrand follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram.

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