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A real delight made in the heart of Sheffield

RJ Foods are a leading bakery based in Sheffield, specifically focussing on manufacturing flapjacks. Their products are handmade from the very best rustic rolled oats and are baked to deliciously high standards, using a homemade recipe which is still the same today as it was when RJ Foods started in 1989.

The problem...

Their current (RJ Foods) brand and products were well recognised within the fitness and exercise industry. They have a large number of export clients and are still today a strong brand within the German fitness market, known for delivering top quality rolled oat energy bars – perfect for a pre-workout treat to fuel your body with good quality carbs prior to a session in the gym. The current brand and packaging however wasn’t appealing enough for retailers or wholesalers to consider giving up shelf space. Whilst the RJ products had been recognised as top quality, the brand and packaging were letting the product down.

The solution...

After several weeks of reviewing the category and analysing the market, it became apparent that there were some big players leading the way and commanding the majority of the shelf space in retail. The wholesale market was also very lucrative and this is where we saw the opportunity for the brand to become aligned and start becoming a household name. Wait a minute… there was no brand… nothing even existed, we didn’t even have a name so we spent the first 4 weeks looking at naming conventions, brand names that worked, names that would compete for shelf space and it was important that we could get a registered trade mark secured too. We initially explored eight brand names during the concept stage, some of these were quickly dismissed due to existing trade marks, some just did not sit right on shelf.

Bak’d products
Bak’d product
Bak’d product 1
Bak’d product 2
Bak’d product 3

Bak’d was in the mix and quickly became the clients favourite brand name, the Trademark application was underway so it was time to turn our attention to the logo design and packaging. We began with insights that led to positioning and packaging layout, we started with a brand proposition - Real, honest food, bak’d to perfection.

Within 2 years Bak’d has become a brand that is synonymous with the wholesale market. The products and brand can be seen in coffee shops, farm shops, delicatessen’s and garage forecourts up and down the UK. It is no coincidence that the Bak’d branding helped to get the bakery to the final of the Food Manufacture Excellence Awards 2016.


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They didn't leave a stone unturned

Five Stars

Incredibly impressive, the research put into competitor analysis on this project blew me away. The guidance and creativity that the team demonstrated throughout the concept and final artwork stages was amazing, we will continue to use these guys for all future NPD works.

Chris Richmond

Alex Pavlović

Sales & Marketing Assistant, Bak'd

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