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Hydro-X was established in the UK in 1984 and has since grown to become the largest independently owned organisation within the water, air and training compliance industry, with customers and employees across the UK.

Their existing website did not reflect their quality, experience and failed to communicate to users that they were experts in Water, Air and Training Compliance as too much focus was being given to the Water side of their business. It was an immediate requirement of their sales and marketing team that they commission a leading website design and development agency to map out and build them a new multi-platform website that clearly communicates their expertise within their three main target areas.


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We were initially asked to carry out an audit on their existing website and present to their board of directors our findings along with recommendations and improvements for a new website. Scoring throughout the tender process was based on the understanding of Hydro-X and their services, agency experience, our company size, credit scoring and the ability to successfully deliver the project and demonstrate that we have a support and maintenance team in place who can continue to support Hydro-X with their onward digital activities.

We were stoked when we found out that we was the selected agency! The opening weeks of the project were spent understanding Hydro-X as a company, which involved meeting their team, spending time interviewing their senior management team and having a detailed tour of their production facilities to gain a good understanding of their products and services that their new website needed to promote.

Once we had completed all the preliminary scoping work, we were in a great position to begin wireframing the project pages and giving consideration to a sitemap that would clearly communicate their knowledge when it comes to environmental compliance services for Water & Air. This stage proved to be quite tricky because the division of their three sectors produce varying levels of turnover for their business, whilst it was important to not give a key focus to any one of the services, it was important to remember that the Water services side of their business produces 80% of their turnover, but equally important was the Training and Air Compliance side was their fastest growing.

Following sign off of the wireframes and sitemap, our design team were able to create the site style sheets. It was decided that we would split the site into five parts, Group, Water, Air, Training and Store, each section would be assigned a colour scheme so whilst browsing the pages within this sector the entire look and feel of the site would be personalised allowing the user to clearly see that they are still within their desired section.

In order to keep the navigation clear we introduced a hamburger menu were we seated the none service pages such as Case Studies, Downloads and Testimonials.

Since launch the feedback has been phenomenal, not only from Hydro-X but their customers too! We’ve seen an increased time on site, an increase in sessions, more page views per visit and captured lots of valuable leads through the two step download process we integrated which requires users to provide their details for a link to be sent to their inbox to download the required document.


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Professional, responsive and delivered fantastic results

Five Stars

We worked with Bubble on the redesigning and redevelopment of our website. The team is very professional and responsive and delivered fantastic results.

Chris Richmond

Yvette Ireland

Marketing Manager, Hydro-X

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