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The International Association of Bookkeepers (IAB) is one of the most prestigious not-for-profit organisations for professional bookkeepers in the world, with over 10,000 members across 60 countries. Regulated by Ofqual, the IAB is both a government-approved and statutory supervisory body.

The IAB required a new website that would attract students, business owners and accounting professionals alike. The website had to hold a huge amount of content which had to be simple for users to navigate in no more than 2 clicks.

After successfully battling our way through the tender stage, we were smiling like Cheshire cats when we were chosen to work with the IAB on their new project.

Several scoping meetings later and we had mapped out the user journey for the different users of the site. We were up against some tough competition including AAT, Sage and Xero all offering bookkeeping qualifications so we needed to stand out and be smarter to attract the number of users to the site and keep them there.

A key part to the development was the members area, with over 1000 members across 60 countries this area would be accessed daily and provide users with dedicated support, benefits and unlimited career and technical advice. The new site needed an online store where students could purchase their text books. We needed lots of CTA’s to allow users to ‘join the IAB’ and interact with the site. The site needed to be fast so users could dynamically search for practicing bookkeepers in their area whilst working beautifully on mobile and tablet.


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As the IAB are a government-approved and statutory supervisory body the security and storage of users data was paramount to the development. Keeping this data safe and conforming to ICO legislation was an integral part of the build.

Since launch the IAB have seen a huge increase in new members, the number of course applications is at an all-time high and the website is seeing a healthy 1000+ visitors each month who are staying on the site for an average of 20 minutes each.

So whilst the IAB have been busy setting world-class standards offering students globally the chance to gain the very best financial qualifications, they can now do this with the backing of a world-class website.

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I can't recommend Bubble Design highly enough, their knowledge and customer service is superb!

Five Stars

I worked with Bubble on the creation of an online testing platform, which to date has had thousands of students sit their assessments through it. Building it completely from scratch, Bubble were instrumental in the design and creation of the platform. They were always on hand to help work through the thought processes and ensure that the end product worked smoothly and efficiently. When I worked with Bubble in the creation of a new WordPress site, their knowledge was invaluable in helping us get everything we wanted out of the site. For example, they helped us set up restricted areas for different users and a certificate validation service. I have also worked with Bubble on a few different design projects, and found that they have the rare ability of being able to convert a vague idea, into reality and make it better than I could have imagined. The customer service is unlike any that I have experienced before. No problem or query is too small and they are always willing to go the extra mile to sort any problems I might have, or flag up any potential issues that my new idea might have on the existing system. I would recommend Bubble Design to any business, looking to redesign or create a website, or for any of their design needs.

Chris Richmond

Thomas Bird

Account Executive, IAB

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