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Leading the way with ‘sound’ branding and a Magento eCommerce store

The Muffle management team head up on of the UK’s leading acoustic treatment and noise control companies offering a full design and installation service for any commercial acoustic requirements.

Whilst leading the way in the commercial marketplace, they identified a potential gap in the market to develop an online one-stop-shop for all acoustic products, whether you're an individual looking for acoustic wallpaper for your own home, or a contractor carrying out a full acoustic office installation, their aim was to make the buying process simple and easy.

Muffle have forged relationships with the industry's leading manufacturers and are able to offer a comprehensive range of products including panels, baffles, furniture or even wallpaper that are suitable for a wide variety of applications, from residential spaces such as home cinemas and living rooms, to classrooms, offices, retail spaces and more.

Sending soundwaves throughout the industry with a memorable brand

After successfully pitching and winning the project our first deliverables was to develop a clean, memorable brand kit that could be used online and across a range of touchpoints including signage, offline print, catalogues, vehicle livery etc. At this stage the client had nothing to run with with the exception of the name ‘Muffle’, no ideas on fonts, colour palettes, straplines or icon usage. We kicked the branding project off by carrying out some detailed market research within the acoustic sector, identifying the leading brands, manufacturers and online retailers/specifiers competing in this arena. Whilst there were some ‘big boys’ leading the way we knew that we could create a memorable brand that would stand the test of time. Muffle was born.


An intelligent eCommerce multi-store

The brief was to create an online eCommerce catalogue/ordering system where all of their products can be browsed, paid for securely and maintain communication with clients as their order progresses.

It was important that lead times were clearly stated on every product along with classification information which is visible and available to download. Many of their products are available in multiple colours, shapes, sizes and designs, meaning any order can be tailored to suit the project or space requirements. Our solution was to develop a mobile first, Magento 2 eCommerce platform packed with really cool features.


Developed with a range of ‘banging’ features…

Customisable/configurable products
The nature of their products meant there was infinite options, colours, shapes, sizes, thicknesses. We developed a custom extension which allows Muffle to upload a configurable product using a CSV spreadsheet allowing them to assign multiple image, options and pricing to a single product.

Smart shipping
Whilst all products were available in the UK, some were not available to ship overseas so we developed a shipping plugin which not only allowed them to specify a price per postcode but they are able to eliminate countries from ordering specific SKU’s.

Following launch we noticed a number of online orders coming from Germany and we quickly identified that there was a potential drop ship opportunity for this market place. We developed a dedicated German multi-store which allowed the client to translate all copy and tailor the product offering specific to the German market place.

Exit intent
We were able to maximise the site revenue and increase conversions by introducing an exit intent pop up, this has helped us to increase sales and detect user behaviour to prompt them with a targeted campaign at the precise moment they are about to leave the site.


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Very impressed!

Five Stars

Bubble offered an extremely proactive approach to building our new Magento eCommerce website and we were really impressed with the branding and logo development.

Chris Richmond

Andy Holler

Managing Director, Muffle

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