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A brand transformation for a shade solution specialist

For over 30 years Zapp have been installing the latest, most architecturally advanced Awnings, Retractable Roofs and Canopies onto many local authorities, hotels, restaurants, café’s, breweries and private homes across the country.

When our client acquired the Zapp business as part of a commercial property acquisition it was clear that the business was surviving on repeat business alone, the current branding and website was failing, the company had no paid or organic marketing campaigns in place and lead generation was almost none existent.

We were invited in initially as a consultant and asked to provide an audit of their current marketing activities, branding, website and exhibition activities. It became very clear that the existing branding was dated, lacked impact, worked poorly across various touchpoints and didn’t carry much trust. Similarly the existing website was slow, not secure, had no internal linking, was weak on page content and had zero SEO application.

A fresh start was needed, we reviewed the sectors leading suppliers and Zapp’s main competitor base, carrying out reviews of their brands, what worked and what didn’t work. It was important that we developed a brand that engaged with customers, was striking, worked across all touchpoints and would stand the test of time. As part of the branding scope we were asked to give consideration to the key brand messaging and secondary strapline usage so new customers reviewing the brand could instantly recognise what products and services were being offered.


The new brand was born and our phase 2 works were to develop a mobile first website that would differentiate Zapp from their competitors and clearly communicate who Zapp are, what they do, their experience and their huge product offering. We identified the main target sectors were commercial, domestic and educational and it was important that we were able to provide relevant content to organically target these sectors on Google but also offer a landing page proposition for us to direct traffic to from our Google paid campaigns.

We have seen incredible results from the new site, we improved the user journey making content easier and clearer to view, we developed the site for mobile first resulting in an amazing viewing experience for all users on a range of browsers. We included site-wide CTA’s (call to actions) to generate sufficient interest from users as they browsed the pages encouraging them to make contact with the Zapp sales team. The improved SEO and site performance is where we have seen the big wins as the site is now ranking organically for a large number of their key products despite being in such a competitive category.


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Bubble transformed our business, we can’t keep up with the leads!

Five Stars

We purchased Zapp as part of a commercial acquisition for another one of our businesses, the existing branding and website was failing, new business was very low, lead generation was none existent and we were relying on repeat business. Bubble Design single handedly re-built our entire marketing strategy and delivered us and exquisite new brand and mobile first website that is delivering us more leads than we can handle!

Chris Richmond

Ian Powell

Sales Director, Zapp

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