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Helping Polypipe enhance their UFH brand, grow their market share and increase sales through merchants with extensive installer support

Polypipe UFH offer a wide range of products and systems, whether installing underfloor heating throughout an entire house or updating one room they have a solution. To support their nationwide network of stockists we developed a range of marketing collateral to support both installers and merchants which included trade shows, publication advertising, PPC, remarketing, merchant brochures, implementation guides, in store POS and extensive training to raise awareness of their product range, generate new leads and grow their market share of over the counter sales.


Value of quote enquiries
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Throughout 2021/22, one of Polypipe Building Products main goals was to re-vitalise their Underfloor Heating brand. This included goals to increase their market share, and support merchants who sell their UFH products. The new campaign needed to accomplish all of these goals, and so a multi-channel campaign began. After extensive discovery sessions we agreed upon a main end objective – to increase the visibility of UFH products and ensure they are the product of choice for installers and home owners, which in turn would lead to increased sales.

The Solution

The “We’ve got you covered” campaign was born. This simple message was designed to instil confidence in the target audience that Polypipe can deliver the solution they need, whilst signifying that Polypipe Underfloor Heating systems are easy to install (easy to get a floor covered). This message, and the defined audience, gave us a critical starting point to determine the communication channels that should be used.

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The Process

We carried out extensive research to capture the perfect target audience(s) for the new direction we were going to take with the Polypipe Underfloor Heating brand. Where the products had been marketed previously as a more luxury brand, our research pointed more towards and active B2B audience of installers/ engineers, but we also wanted to continue to include the existing B2C audience in some capacity. We wanted to design an eye-catching campaign with great visuals, and intelligently designed messaging to resonate with the designated target audiences. We would be advertising the brand through various channels, such as Trade Publications and Websites, EDMs and within merchant partner branches, so we needed something which could be flexible in order to achieve an impact through all channels and also to give the campaign some longevity.

Picture of Polypipe Heating Campaign Brochure
Picture of Polypipe Heating Campaign Website
Polypipe Heating Campaign Post


A great campaign with the longevity to keep generating enviable results for some years to come

We created a fresh thinking and appealing campaign across online and offline channels to promote and drive traffic to the new website. From creative writing to commandeering a building site for 48 hours (after asking nicely), no stone was left unturned and we think the results speak for themselves! In the first 12 months alone we’ve smashed all targets including seeing over 380,000 impressions with a CTR of 4.70%, over 10,000 merchant/installer downloads, over 1,800 enquiries generated with a quote value of over £7.4m and a ROI of over 1,600%, some way over the 300% target!

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