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We create strong visual brand design and brand identities that work seamlessly across all your print and digital touchpoints.

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We can help you reposition, transform and grow your brand

What does your brand truly stand for? What kind of messages do you want to portray? At bubble we help you delve deeper into your brand’s message. We use these questions to build your brand into everything you want it to be!

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It’s time to show your brand’s best self. Whether it’s a website, brochure or even an exhibit stand, we make sure your brand’s identity is recognised and showcased.

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A brand isn’t just a logo and we’ll die on this hill! Successful branding evokes feelings with its audience, which is why we take time researching not only your brand but your competitors.

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We have a tried and tested process to help us deliver the best possible service to our clients.

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    As a full service agency we have a team of creatives who can strengthen your brand, get your products noticed and keep your website converting. We have a broad range of clients spanning across multiple sectors who trust us with their brand. Take a look at our other services and start maximising your brands true potential today.

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    Branding is the creation and building of a unique “brand ID” or image for your business that comes to life through the perception of an audience when they purchase your product or service. It could be said that a reputable and successful brand begins to live on independently in the minds of consumers; defined by their positive experiences of it and generating repeat business or word of mouth recommendations. This is why choosing the right brand design company is one of the most important decisions you can make, whether starting a new business or rebranding an existing one.

    Your brand design is the customer-facing, professional profile of your company created from information such as a logo, slogan, advertising, merchandise, customer service etc. and how this is perceived by consumers and clients. Perception leads to expectation, so an effective brand design should be a true representation of your business and the quality product or service you deliver. It provides you with a distinguishable presence in an often already over-saturated marketplace so that you are instantly recognisable to consumers and clients who decide that what you are offering is in fact the best choice. Branding therefore; will determine the success of your business and whether consumers and clients will continue to return again and again.

    A business is an extension of you, your personality and your core values and branding is an extension of your business and its aspirations. As a branding agency that know that no two brand designs should be the same, Bubble work closely with all clients to truly get to know them as people to understand what their business is all about in order to build their own unique brand that stands out! Your brand ID can then be delivered to a specific audience or the world at large to gain maximum attention and increase sales revenue.

    Bubble take typography, images, symbols, sounds and colours and combine them to create an engaging brand “signature” depending on the brand message you want to deliver. This message can be multi-faceted and delivered through a variety of mediums so whether it’s an engaging piece of literature, a catchy jingle or portraying a cheerful voice at the end of the phone; a unique and consistent brand message will help build a memorable reputation and leave a lasting impression on your consumers or clients alike.

    Because branding is all about perception, Bubble, as a reputable brand design agency, can continue to adapt and develop your brand message through on-going consultation and research. So whether it is launching a completely brand new idea or working with an existing one; we can generate creative ideas that will help to inspire your audience, alter perceptions, change consumer behaviour and drive a genuine increase in sales.

    Generate recognition
    Branding is what gets you noticed and a logo/slogan will create memorable recognition. Bubble will help to design a powerful and professional logo and/or slogan to act as the instantly recognisable face of your company.

    Support advertising
    Outstanding branding by Bubble can be combined with an effective advertising strategy to promote your business. Why not get in touch today to see the difference this bright brand design agency can make to your business.

    Attract new customers
    Bubble can help provide your company with strong branding to give a positive first impression. Word of mouth as well as the brand name itself within the market place will continue to attract both new and referral business.

    Improve job satisfaction
    Bubble will create a brand ID that company owners and employees can truly stand behind. Branded work wear/stationery etc can bring a sense of belonging and pride.

    Create trust
    Professional and well-strategised business branding by Bubble will professionally portray your company.

    Increase value
    An established brand has more leverage within the industry making it an appealing investment opportunity. Bubble will help you get established.

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