It’s all about brand loyalty!

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Chris Peacock
It’s all about brand loyalty!

It’s all about brand loyalty!

Are your customers loyal to your brand?

At the heart of any company’s survival is their customers. After all without customers it’s pretty difficult to make your business a success! Marketing efforts are often aimed at reaching new customers, but there’s a key group of people you should invest in, current customers. Brand loyalty is a term used to describe when a customer has a preference for one business over its competitors, and uses them repeatedly, whether it’s a regular occurrence or something that happens every now and again.

So, why is it important? 

Recent figures show over 65% of revenue in most businesses comes from purchases made by repeat customers. It can also be far less expensive to market to the brand-loyal segment rather than trying to entice new customers. 

We could talk all day about strategies to foster brand loyalty, but we’ve rounded up our favourite tips! Customers first and foremost look for a great quality product / service. If you combine great quality with excellent customer service you’ll be well on your way to happy customers! The ways in which customers can get in touch should be clear on your website and social channels, and any customers with questions should be met by professional employees that are happy to help.  Loyalty programmes are also a great way of building brand loyalty!

How do I market to my existing customers?

Email Marketing – Email marketing allows you to reach out to your existing customers. Keep customers up to date with the latest news from your business, as well as the latest deals and offers. Make your customers feel special by building personal relationships. Why not send a personalised email on a customers birthday or anniversary of purchase to offer them a personal deal. Regular communication reminds your customers that you are still around and are there for when they next want to make a purchase.

Involve customers! Have a new product you’re struggling to decide a name on, want a group of people to test a service before it goes live? Involve your loyal customers! We want to keep customers ‘feeling special’, and involving them in business decisions does just that. Get them to email in, answer a social poll or fill out a quick form in store!

Stay Fresh – Loyal customers already have some investment in your company, and are likely to follow you on socials, or check your website, so make sure that it has up to date, engaging content on there! 3-5 social posts a week, and 1 news / blog post on your website is something to strive for as a minimum! 

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