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We have the experience and expertise to produce catalogue design that is an asset to your business; driving brand awareness and increasing sales.

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Did you know…


of recipients visit a retail store or website
after viewing a brand’s catalogue


of online shoppers say they browse a printed catalogue before making a purchase


of consumers enjoy receiving a catalogue from a place they had previously gone to shop

Catalogue design that drives brand awareness and increases sales

A well designed catalogue is one of the most powerful marketing tools when selling products. Rich branding, easy navigation and key information are included in each catalogue we design, ensuring customers can find exactly what they need.

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Support your sales and marketing team with creative and inspiring catalogue design

Well designed catalogues certainly can be eye catching, but a creative catalogue can help boost sales. We delve deep into page planning, formatting, indexing and page optimisation to make sure your catalogue is a tool that sells!

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Go digital with an interactive online catalogue

We understand the need for digital. Although there’s nothing better than a freshly printed catalogue, having a digital copy can be incredibly useful to send through email or have on your website. Our online catalogues are interactive and easy to use!

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    More on our catalogue design service

    With so much content and information being displayed online through eCommerce websites – you may think that physically produced catalogues are a thing of the past, but this is just not the case. Tangible catalogues are still a unique marketing medium, and there is a lot to be said for having a physical product to browse through that does not involve a screen!

    We need to remember that a catalogue is both a marketing and sales tool for your business. It acts as your brand advocate AND sales man/woman so when a catalogue is picked up in store or delivered through the post – it not only needs to look appealing but drive brand loyalty and sales too.

    We are experts in catalogue design both on and offline! Creating a great looking catalogue design that sells can be a challenging marketing, design and production process. Our talented team however have the drive, experience and expertise to produce a catalogue that is the ideal asset to your business; driving brand awareness and increasing sales of your company products and services, whether it is a corporate catalogue design or a fresh and funky product catalogue design you’re looking for.

    Style and layout is important to appeal to your target audience. A high-end watch-makers product catalogue design for instance will involve different elements to a brand promoting teenage-fashion clothing. Our creative design and marketing team will consider page count, format and how your customers will feel when they linger over the pages. Content is also of paramount importance and we focus on building a call to action throughout your catalogue – this can be as subtle as intertwining the “story” of your business along with your products; a strong selling point if your company has an ethical message or offers hand-crafted goods.

    Creating a good catalogue is an intense editorial project. Bubble discuss the many considerations involved and combine them to create a cohesive design that reflects the ethos, aims and personality of your business where products and driving product sales are the key focus.

    Carefully written content, engaging and accurate product descriptions – where appropriate – with sharp images are blended with fresh graphics and colours to ensure your products literally pop off the pages into virtual or physical shopping baskets.

    We spread the word

    It is no use having a beautifully-produced glossy catalogue that falls into the hands of the wrong demographic! The team at Bubble don’t just produce eye-catching catalogue designs but are also savvy with analytics too! We can work with you to source new data and contacts, revitalise your database and make sure your catalogue is mailed to the right audience at the right times to maximise interest and sales.

    We take photos

    Here at Bubble we know from experience that large, clear product images are likely to boost sales. We offer a full service that includes product photography to showcase your products to their best advantage. The photographs we produce are so good that your customer will literally feel as though they are almost able to lift your products right off the page!

    We design for print

    Here at Bubble we have the technical knowhow to flawlessly transfer your catalogue design from screen to paper where we promise it will look just as good! Imagine resolution, colour depth, pin-sharp graphics, printed samples for your approval – we have everything covered in our design for print process.

    We do it all!

    Catalogues could be described as the art of selling from a page! Whether you are a niche industry or retail giant; Bubble will provide a winning catalogue formula that can be used time and time again – keeping your customers buying and coming back for more!

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