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We understand the importance of a well crafted email and strategic email marketing campaign and offer a range of email marketing services to suit your needs.

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of marketers have seen an increase in email
engagement over the last 12 months


of B2B marketers say their most used form
of content marketing is email newsletters


of email users check their inbox every day,
with some checking 20 times a day

Keeping you connected to your audience to help you increase sales and conversions

Email marketing can deliver instant responses, more enquiries and fast sales. Direct contact with your customers can add a personal feel, and as part of a digital campaign, it’s a no brainer!

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Utilising your customers data to deliver eye catching email marketing

One of the best things about email marketing is the ability to track exactly what happens once an email is sent. The metrics we gather are key in helping us understand what’s working, so we can deliver the ultimate lead generating email strategy.

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Boost brand recall and insensitive sales

Brand awareness plays a crucial role in the success of every business. Awareness is closely linked to the level of interaction between a business and its customers, after all, a customer won’t get to know your brand if they don’t see anything about it! Email marketing allows you to reach out to your customer, and notifies them that you have something they will want to see! This level of visibility is amazing for your brand awareness, and in turn, your business as a whole!

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    The first commercial email was sent by Gary Thuerk who was, in fact, a marketing manager. Little did he know just how monumental this medium of communication would prove to be. Fast forward years later and the email is as invaluable and popular as ever BUT the primary complaint of many consumers would be that they find themselves inundated with “spam” that is deleted before it can even be read. However there is no denying that there is still a place for email marketing that has a strong positive impact on your existing customer base or attracts fresh custom to you by generating new leads to be followed.

    Here at Bubble we understand the importance of a well crafted email and strategic email marketing campaign and offer a range of email marketing services to suit every client’s needs whether we are building a clean recipient list or working with details of your existing contacts. We take the time to understand both your business and demographic and carefully get to work on email marketing design to fulfill the purpose it is intended for. Not only will the right people see it land in their inbox but they will also be interested enough to click it on, read it and take the CTA relevant call to action; whether that be purchasing one of your products/services, subscribing to further emails, replying with their contact details or visiting your website etc.

    Not only do we craft outstanding emails, but we also have the tools to make them shine and stand out in inboxes that are probably already full to bursting.

    After designing and sending your emails, the team here at Bubble will keep a close eye on the ROI return on investment of your marketing campaign. These analytics can provide valuable information for your company to use in future marketing as well as your general website design/development. In order to comply with best practices that all electronic marketing company employees should comply with, Bubble:

    • Do not purchase or use pre-purchased contact email lists. These are ineffective and negatively impact all web users due to the high rate of spam they flag up. Some filters will even go as far as to block any sender that has sent spam meaning that no further emails will get through to existing prospective customers. If an email marketing agency offers to do this for you, we’d advise you to look elsewhere.

    • Do not send emails to third-party contacts without permission. As with pre-purchased contact lists these can end up damaging a business’s reputation.

    • Do offer an unsubscribe option to your emails.

    Here at Bubble we want your company to shine as well as building trust and loyalty with your customer base. The beauty of creative email marketing design is that the scope is endless; with this medium being used not just to sell things but to pique the customer’s interest using electronic communication to share news, an image or video or tell a story, to give just a few examples. Whatever you want to communicate about your business, Bubble can come up with the creative method and style of communication that will keep consumers engaged with your brand. Not only that, but email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways of doing so with a large return on investment when a consumer makes a positive response. When shoppers are ready to buy something for instance; they often look out for emails from their favourite companies offering a discount on purchases and so a well-timed email marketing campaign can pay dividends.

    Interested? Why not contact Bubble to find out how our email marketing can start paying you dividends today?

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