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We have worked with some of the UK’s biggest brands to deliver truly memorable packaging design that drives strong sales.

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of consumers said that packaging design
influences their purchasing decisions


of consumers said they have tried a new
product because of the packaging


of 18-25-year olds would share an image of
product packaging through social media

Memorable packaging design that helps drive a genuine increase in sales

At Bubble we take packaging design seriously. There’s no point in adding your logo to lack lustre packaging – in a competitive climate that would be sure to make your product fade into the background!

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Differentiate your products from your competitors

Fighting to stand out in a crowded market? Not sure how to get the edge on your competitors? We look at the whole brand and delve deeper into your offer to make sure your product stands out and makes an impact on your target market.

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Create emotional connections with your audiences and boost product recall

In a crowded market place, bold and beautiful packaging is a must to draw in an audience, and make them remember you. On average customers need to see a brand at least 3 times before they remember it, and packaging from Bubble will ensure each time counts!

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    Packaging design is something the average person does not think about and yet in a consumer-driven society, it is something we are all bombarded with on a daily basis. Here at Bubble we consider packaging design to be vital to product success, and we take time to effect the creative and physical process of designing everything on the outside of your product that you want to advertise and sell; either from physical business premises or a virtual online store.

    Anything that comes in a package will benefit from our packaging design services; from a simple but striking label on a bottle of artisan shampoo to a technology product requiring multiple creative packaging design layers printed with sleek graphics and logos. Creating eye-catching packaging that not only compliments your product but is economical to produce and stands out on a literal or virtual shelf can be a challenge in what is an increasingly crowded and competitive marketplace.

    We have delivered packaging design solutions for clients across a wide range of market sectors and our designs have graced the shelves of some of Europe’s largest retailers and supermarkets. We have worked with some of the UK’s biggest brands to deliver truly memorable packaging design that drives strong sales due to our instantly noticeable designs.

    Our experience and processes as a packaging design company are well-refined and tested and we consider the consumer journey at every step of the process. Bubble discovers unique ways to use packaging design to ensure the purchase of your products is always the preferred choice over your competitors. Each project we undertake is driven by our passion for making a positive difference to the success of a product; reflecting the unique essence or message of your product within its particular brand category or niche market.

    Bubble also understands the intricacies of planning production. This means we can help you economise on cost whilst still retaining the utmost in quality packaging materials. Increasing concern regarding the use of unnecessary packaging also means that we aim to be as environmentally friendly and responsible as possible.

    • Successful packaging design depends on accurately assessing the product and the intended sales audience. For instance; an expensive bottle of wine will need to look elegant and sophisticated for its packaging to appeal to the high-end market whereas a children’s toy packaging would benefit from bright colours that grab the attention of little eyes and fingers! We understand that good packaging design is not only visually pleasing but connects to the product inside. Through strategic thinking and powerfully persuasive designs, our expert team will work with you personally to create distinctive, engaging packaging design that results in your product standing out from the rest and compels your audience from visual engagement to point of sale.

    • A good packaging designer will be proud of their experience and have a gig gallery for you to browse. Here on our website; you can view samples of our previous packaging design projects completed by our Bubble designers.

    • The best packaging designs are those that incorporate the creative ideas and core values of the product designer. We will work with you so that your packaging not only reflects the product inside but acts as a visual representation and advert for your company.

    We are a professional yet easy-going and flexible packaging design agency, and can adapt to your needs, whether this involves creating a design idea from the drawing board or working with your existing design idea. Contact Bubble to begin discussing your project requirements, aims, expectations and budget and let us work our magic on your packaging design!

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