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We offer hosting and support packages that maintain the speed, performance, reliability and security of your website. You’re in safe hands with Bubble.

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of all internet data is estimated
to be in the cloud by 2025


the average cost of downtime across
all industry sectors


of all data loss incidents happen
because of human error

Expert training to give you the essential skills to manage your own website

Meet Rob and Tyler. These helpful, friendly guys make up Bubble’s support team. After developing your website, they are on hand to provide easy to understand training on how to edit and use your website.

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You’re in safe hands with our advanced daily backups and security management

Our backup system makes automated backups of your entire website twice a day (including files, databases, and mailboxes) on a separate server, each backup is kept for seven days giving you complete peace of mind.

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You’ll always be up to date with monthly browser compatibility & performance health checks

The world of websites is always changing. Although we future proof each website we design, changes to technology are always happening, and it’s easy for sites to be left behind – something none of us want! Our support packages include a monthly health check on your website to make sure it’s as good as the day it left us!

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We have a tried and tested process to help us deliver the best possible service to our clients.

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    As a full service agency we have a team of creatives who can strengthen your brand, get your products noticed and keep your website converting. We have a broad range of clients spanning across multiple sectors who trust us with their brand. Take a look at our other services and start maximising your brands true potential today.

    More on our hosting & support service

    Having a great website and going live is a great step, but it is only the first step that you will take with your website. A website needs to be nurtured, and over time, it will need amendments to be made, maintenance and improvements. When these simple steps are not followed, a website can quickly stagnate, and this can result in a slip down those all-important rankings. Without this care, all of the hard work that has gone into creating a website is for nothing. However, the good news is that this is the type of support that a company like Bubble can offer, leaving you free to continue with the day-to-day tasks.

    Every website needs to be “hosted” somewhere. Hosting is simply the renting of space on a server; the space is rented in a similar way to how you might rent office space. At Bubble, we can assist you with your hosting requirements and offer you peace of mind at the same time. Good hosting is a bit like an insurance policy, meaning that the right help is always on hand should something go wrong.

    You should think of a good host as an essential tool, not only for your website but also for your business. Your website is, after all, one of the easiest ways for clients and potential clients to get in touch with you; check out what you are all about and the products or services you are offering. A great host will react quickly to any issues when they come up in order to ensure that the impact to your company is minimal, because downtime can be costly. They will take the necessary measures to ensure that you have superfast website speeds, which are essential to good SEO (search engine optimisation) and also to a positive user experience. If your website runs slow, then there is a good chance potential customers will look for an alternative, and this is something you really cannot afford to let happen.

    And finally, good hosting will make your website a much safer place for your company and your clients.

    A static website will only work in the short term. If you want to ensure that you keep reaching your potential target audience, then you need to be certain that your website has the appropriate support in place. Hosting will help you when it comes to reliability, security and speed, but here at Bubble, we understand the importance that support plays when it comes to keeping your website growing.

    The Google algorithms take notice of those websites which are continually growing, are regularly updated and have fresh new content to entice your audience in. This is something that their ranking algorithm loves and rewards companies for having. Your website is never truly finished. If you want to remain visible, current and easy to find, then you need to ensure that you keep growing your content so that it evolves with your business. Of course, this can take the time that you may need to spend in other areas of your business, which is why having a support package in place can make sense.

    Support is about more than simply adding new products to your website. It might also include updating the text, changing the layout of some of your pages to make them even more user-friendly, updating your images, adding new features and even writing regular blog posts. It should also include things like fixing the bugs that arise from such updates.

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