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Bubble can provide credible, relevant and fresh content marketing in the form of written content, such as web copy, blog creation, videos, e-books and more.

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of marketers say blog content creation is their number one inbound marketing priority

Having the right content helps you increase your site authority and drive more leads

The right content is key to success. The content you put out is a key opportunity for you to engage with your customers, and could be the difference between someone just visiting your website or converting to a lead.

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Keyword focussed relevant content to improve your on-site SEO

With Google processing 3.8 million searches per minute across the globe, it’s important your content stands out and makes itself known. We don’t use guess work at Bubble, we research key words and phrases relevant to your business, and use them throughout your content in a way that really counts.

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Improve time on site and reduce bounce rates

It’s simple, boring, hard to navigate content will chase customers away. Our engaging content mixed with unique call to actions and exit intent strategies will have your customers not only staying on your website, but fully engaging with the content you provide.

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    The concept of content marketing has actually been around for hundreds of years because after all; the buying and selling of goods (commerce) has been an instinctive behaviour of mankind before it was given a name and strategy! Content marketing basically refers to any information that inspires or encourages consumers to buy your products or services without it directly relating to the actual products or services you sell. This content usually takes the form of some kind of “education” that provides information or interest that is not promotional but to which the buying of your product or service then seems like a natural progression.

    This means that effective content marketing is all about your demographic; your audience and not about your brand, products or services. For instance; you may run a make-up business selling products online but your content marketing takes the form of a blog about beauty and make-up styles and tips. Yes – there is an association between your marketing and the products you sell BUT you are not directly selling these products in the marketing content.

    To truly make your marketing fresh and original you then need to think about what makes your product/service unique? What angle can be marketed to make new and existing clients feel as though you are offering something that no-one else is? It is this selling point that can turn what is a simple commodity into a concept that is embraced by your audience and promote loyalty to your company ensuring you have repeat business and stay relevant in your field.

    Here at Bubble we appreciate that the considerations of content marketing can be a complicated and creatively challenging process, but this is one that comes naturally to us because it is what our team love to do every day, 365 days of the year! Every content creator here is continually brainstorming ideas with the rest of the team and incorporating content marketing into off and online designs – for all clients and companies, big and small. Our aim is to turn as many eyes as possible away from the competition and keep them on your products and services through strategic content marketing. This in turn naturally helps to increase lead generation, conversion and calls to action with traffic flowing to your company whether you have a physical presence as well as an online one!

    We make it sound easy, but content marketing is a process that takes commitment, hard work and patience and it is not for everyone. This is why it is important to employ the right designer and developer for your business to help you get noticed, develop a stable presence in an already saturated marketplace and continue to grow.

    • Providing valuable content, including website copy, that builds an engaged audience that is interested in the development of your business

    • Attracting the right audience to your products and services and ensuring you are at the top of search results because of valuable content that increases traffic flow and CTA participation

    • Reducing costs by diverting revenue into successful content marketing that may be otherwise engaged in less productive channels.

    Bubble would be delighted to provide credible, relevant and fresh content creation in the form of written content, such as web copy, blog creation, videos, e-books and more that matter to your potential customers, meaning that your business is much more likely to be discovered by the right audience.

    A continued strategy of content marketing, including regular fresh website content creation will then help to earn their trust and loyalty – a win win situation in which you can strengthen customer relationships and grow a captivated subscriber base which naturally means an increase in sales revenue and profits.

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