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Our web development team will create a fully functioning website that is not only an asset to your business but stands out from the competition.

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of people will leave a website
because of poor functionality


of revenue is lost each year
due to slow-loading websites


of users will abandon a page if it takes
more than three seconds to load

Control your own content with leading open source content management systems

We design your website to hold all of the information you need your visitors to see, however we understand over time this information can change. Our open source CMS gives you full flexibility in your content, allowing you to make changes whenever you want!

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Your new website will be fully responsive, high speed and search engine friendly

What’s the point in a beautiful website if it doesn’t work? We make sure your site not only looks great, but performs even better. Performance is everything to Google, and we make sure your site is the best it can be in order to rank highly!

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Dynamic and eCommerce web development solutions to drive more leads and improve conversions

Our specialist web development team will not only make sure people are visiting your site, but that they become a lead too. We have a whole list of ways to encourage conversions, and seamlessly integrate these into your website to guide your visitor to becoming a customer.

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We have a tried and tested process to help us deliver the best possible service to our clients.

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    As a full service agency we have a team of creatives who can strengthen your brand, get your products noticed and keep your website converting. We have a broad range of clients spanning across multiple sectors who trust us with their brand. Take a look at our other services and start maximising your brands true potential today.

    More on our web development service

    When most people click on a website, they don’t pay a thought to how that website was developed and how it works. They might be impressed with the aesthetics but they rarely take the time to appreciate the technology that stands behind the website that not only allows it to look good but more importantly to fulfill the functions it was designed for. Unless you are a web developer that is! Here at Bubble – website development is what we do! Not only do we design great looking websites – we also do all the work behind the scenes that translates the design into functionality for an engaging UX user experience.

    Website development is the use of different programming languages to make the website perform specific tasks including how it looks and functions etc. The one that most people have heard of is HTML but CSS, PHP and JavaScript are also programming languages or “codes” too. It is a programming code/ language or a mixture of these that are responsible for creating both a “front-end” and “back-end” of a website.

    The front-end refers to the visual appearance of the website – what the web visitor sees so this could be described as the “front door” and the most common programming languages for these are HTLM and CSS code. The “back-end” is like the “back door” of the website and this refers to the hidden inner workings where you need a login and password to enter. This area is usually used to make changes to the website content, carry out updates and development work that may then change what the web visitor sees. The most common programming languages here are PHP and JavaScript.

    It can be confusing to differentiate between website design and website development but if we use the analogy of building a house – website design would be the architectural design and the development would be the actual construction. You will often find that there are web developers who specialise in the front-end of a website and others who focus on building the back-end and some may even do both!

    Here at Bubble, as a highly experienced web design company, our website developers work as a cohesive team with each member specialising in and combining their individual strengths to create a fully functioning website that is not only an asset to your business but stands out from the rest of the competition in terms of appearance and usability to give a great all-round customer experience.

    Within our web agency, we have a full team of highly-skilled and experienced website developers who embrace each project with gusto; building stunning, easy to use websites for clients of all shapes and sizes designed to appeal to their target audience. We ensure the perfect balance of creativity and functionality; incorporating the latest of technology / programming to build a structurally sound and secure website that is engaging and innovative and won’t let you or your customers down.

    Every website we build at Bubble comes with a flexible CMS Content Management System to meet your business requirements but also intuitive to use and easy to update. We will show you how to complete these functions but we always have a support team on-hand if you need a little extra help. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile for our clients and can advise on all of the following:

    • Writing content
    • Optimising and maintaining your website search positions including pre-launch SEO checks
    • Setting up an analytics dashboard to monitor the impact of your website

    For the best in website development – do your business a favour and contact the experienced team at Bubble today!

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